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Hi Hubbers,


I cant really afford to go and get my bike set up done i was just wondering if any one could give me advice on how i could set it up myself please?


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Here's a step by step guide:

1. Open browser

2. In address field, type www.google.com

3. In search field, type "bike setup" or something similar.

4. Open the most appropriate website and follow their steps.


I'm not being rude, maybe a bit sarcastic, but there are some really good guides on the internet.


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Knee pain could also be caused by saddle to far forward.

sit on bike in normal riding position

Place foot in cleat

position crank forward in horizonatal position

hang string with weight from knee cap down to shoe

make sure string lines up with pedal shaft

also make sure cleat is in lined up with the ball of foot.


Had the same problem on MTB and had to use offset seatpost to move saddle back - sorted
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