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Dad needs to convert from Mountain B to Racing B


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Hi Guys


I am new to the site, started with fishing forums which lead met here, thanx and I would continue to use this site!!


My Dad is 49, and needs to convert from mountain bike to racing bike as soon as possible to ride the Argus. He has been looking into the bikes for a while now and can work between R7000 -R10 000 2nd hand/ New.

He's abillity on mountain bike, 48teeth on cog with slicks: EP Herald 105km- 3H55min. He is 49 and has been riding for 12 months.


Bikes advised to him: Ralley 3000 RS, 6000 RS, 7000RS and some granite model.


I believe 3 gears front which would make it total 27 is best???


I hope anyone can help my Dad please with info regarding models etc..


Thank You!!http://www.cyclingforums.com/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif



Lowaldo vd Merwe


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