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Garmin 305 and Course files

Guest coenie

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Does anyone know how to edit a course file to accrtually make sense...I downloaded a file and changed the average speed on down to X - kmh now when I look at it it maintains that average but does not take hills into account.Confused


Here is what I want to do....I want to get a file / crs/ kml etc from last years Argus including Boys drive.

Then I want to edit it putting in my target time / avg speed that I want to do...then while I ride the Argus I can look at my virtual partner and know if I am on track for that or not.


Now how does one do that? Or where can I find crs file from 2009 Argus, but I need plenty so I can find that will give me MY target time?


Hope that someone out there can help


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Thanks Tankman, but with the Garmin you can see per minute how you are doing, as suppose to getting to the top of Smits to find out you are 3 mins behind

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Tankman, just tried sportstrack and it does not import the file?

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what time do you want to do? 

Your welcome to have my file from last year


Thanks what time do you have?


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2:57 also found a 3:30



Yes please, can I have both....will PM you my email address


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