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  1. Red bikes are faster yes! But I had to "let" her beat me on some strategic sections for the video! When we went up a really long steep climb, she left me for dead and I was going full gas, must be the 60kg weight difference between us Using Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Ok... my apologies guys, I was wrong. I got defensive and I can now see from the perspective of a brand like Cannondale, they would not be promoting the us of alcohol in their videos. Before you judge too harshly, my side... I had no budget for this video and no one asked me to make it. It was a very spur of the moment thing, we were already on the way to the farm for the weekend when I got news that we can take the bikes along. We had to stop back home to pack helmets and whatever other cycling gear I could dig out quickly. My partner is not a cyclist at all and I could not get any shots of her bombing down anything, which left me to try and film myself doing some faster stuff. Not easy filming yourself on a bike... with a drone that has no tracking capabilities or a "co-pilot" that has never flown a drone. (She enjoyed the e-bike tremendously and this might be a fantastic way to get her into cycling... and get me back into cycling ) The aim wasnt to promote a lifestyle, just thought I would get some cool shots whilst having a jol. Unfortunately the footage and terrain is what I have and where we were, cant change that but hopefully the next one will be better... How is this then? No click-bait this time!
  3. If you remember correctly, I asked for the feedback. Still you.
  4. My partner is not a cyclist at all, last time she was on a bike was in high school, the bike shop was kind enough to give her a cycling top. I was wearing a black Cannondale T-Shirt... Not sure why anyone would hung up by what people wear, there is no dress code for owning a bike. Brace yourself, I was on the e-bike in beach road with my plakkies and boardshorts on sunday afternoon...
  5. Seriously? Get a life man. We had the drinks after the ride, but I did not see that as an ending shot for the video and used it elsewhere. The video is sponsored by myself, made by myself on my own time and my own expenses. The video is not "supposed to do sell a lifestyle", we had fun with the bikes and captured some footage. We were on the farm in the Karoo, the terrain is what it is.
  6. Ok, so you come does it! I am always open to feedback, but "it not very good" doesnt tell me anything at all. Yea, that is called click-bait!
  7. If I had a budget from Cannondale or the likes to produce a video, you might have seen some mixed and different terrain. Chucked the e-bikes on the bakkie and headed for the farm. It is what it is. If you want a workout on an e-bike, you can still get one. I was totally amazed how easy it was to go off the gravel road, into the velt and to get ontop of the koppies without much effort.
  8. A big HELL YES from me! They are insane, full of power and the ones I tested, built for any terrain you can throw at it! What is even better? I havent been on a bike in over 5 years and had a moerse jol without breaking a sweat! If you want to race with the racing snakes, use your "normal" bike. If you want to have a jol, pop to the shops quickly, do your favorite singletrack 3 or 4 times over.... jump on an E-bike!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDwTmEXFFII
  9. Or since the 7 even, cant remember, whichever one first came out with RAW... that's been my way.
  10. Download Adobe DNG Converter Convert GoPro Raw files to DNG, Import to LightRoom .... BOOM! Been doing it since the 8.
  11. Lekka! Lekka when you can travel light. Is that 2.8 on the Z6?
  12. If the 4k 30fps gets added to the Mini 2, does that mean the 2.7k gets bumped up to 60fps? I haven't checked specs. 60fps in 2.7k would be exactly the same as 4k 60fps for all youtube social media consumers watching on their mobile devices. The more you fly the smoother your footage will become ???? I use the Mini for much more and much more than I anticipated originally
  13. I've been using the Mini for estate photography and it is much less noticeable than the Pro, smaller and a lot quieter. Getting it done without being harrassed by neighborhood wannabe security guards and nosy neighbors much favours the mini. Raw photo would make my editing job much much easier and this is one thing I have really missed. Would be interested to compare noise levles between the Air 2 and Mini 2. But 4k 30 is enough for me for video... for now!
  14. Raw photo and 4k video is more than enough for me to upgrade to the 2! Just wonder if someone cant hack the mini to give us 4k and raw photo. The current sensor is 4k capable! Adding avoidance sensors will push it over the 249 grams unfortunately. Having now flown and worked with quite a few different DJI drones, I still love the ease of use and mobility the Mini offers, so easy to stick in an already overcrowded kit bag!!
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