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Fizik AArion (Wing Flex

Rio 1_2

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hi guys....


Can anyone help me with some information. I am currently riding a RC3000 08 model with a standard Raleigh Seat.

I am currently battling with this seat - which is cuasing me alot pain and numbness after 30KM. I am considering a Fizik Arione Wing Flex (Blue and Green). Please can someone advise me on this particluar model or perhaps some tips when choosing a saddle.


I do appreciate the feedback!...Confused


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If you can try to buy a 2nd hand saddle and test it out, every one's A$$ is different and some guys can ride a a piece of plank and others need something more softer. There are so many make and widths out there. I know that Specialized dealers have a cushion that you can sit on to get the correct width. Big J-WP2010-02-28 08:34:39

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For what it's worth I switched to the Fizik Arione some time ago after struggling for a year to get used to a Selle Italia- instant relief!


As a previous post noted, everyone's' different and it may not work for you. It is a long saddle, but I find that gives me a lot of room to move and change positions for climbing or hammering along on the flat.


The important thing with any saddle is to check the setup properly. Even a great saddle won't work if it's off from level, or too far forward or back.




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I have a Arione on my bike which when I first started with it after coming off a body geometery Phenom, thought it was going to be really uncomfortable as it long and flat looking with no cut outs.


However it is a really comfortable saddle. As the previous post says it is a really long saddle so you have make sure that the position of the saddle and you are correct.


It does give you that flexability to move up down on the saddle if the boys are getting a bit numb.
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Saddle did not work out for me - but for the price you can pick this specific colour up at CWC, buy it and try it! It's a steal...


A lot of people like and ride this saddle. Hope it works for you.


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I had the same problem with a cheap saddle 6 months ago. The cause of the problem was a slightly bent rail under the saddle that made the saddle lean to one side. I could not see it until my LBS pointed it out to me. I replaced the saddle with a Fizik  Arione and this was the best buy I have ever made. The moment I changed the saddle my back pain was gone. I can highly recommend the saddle.

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I am surprised no-one has mentioned the width of sit bones. I had a Fizik Arione and quickly realised it was way too narrow. I am slim, but my sit bones were not supported by the saddle as it is only 132mm wide at the widest point.

You need to measure your sit bones properly using Specialised's measuring device (in most bike shops). If your sit bones are between 100mm and 130mm (most people), you need a 143mm wide saddle. I know Specialised and Bontrager makes this width, with Bontrager going to 146mm. Most of the other fancy racing saddles (Selle Italia, San Marco) are 130mm wide and will not support you properly.


Of course, set-up is as important i.e. seat should be level etc.


Good luck!

p.s. I bought a Specialized Toupe 143mm. It looks very hard, but is very comfortable. The Phenom is great too.
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