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  1. I use Coopervision Biofinity XR's which are toric but still nice and thin. I seldom get to choose based on comfort with my condition, its normally more about what gives the best vision, these have been good on both fronts.
  2. Oh Ceramic bearing snake oil is still a thing? I thought everyone had figured out that they only make a difference to heat dissipation at extremely high RPM and moved on with their lives?
  3. On topic: Are you developing a similar product to the Varia? It would be really great to have something made in SA on the market. Off topic: Ben, this is going to seem really weird but Im 99% sure I grew up across the road from your wife
  4. I have never seen AA batteries go 10 years without leaking their contents, so I would be a bit dubious of that claim. Still a couple of years on a set of batteries is a pretty good run.
  5. My wife used to get tons of free stuff from Wish, she just refunded anything that didnt arrive and used the credit to buy something else. Months later the original item would arrive and Wish would just tell her to keep it.
  6. I bought a 2nd hand Fenix 5x plus about 2 months ago, its an awesome watch but the battery life is not all that great. My previous was a Suunto Ambit 3 which lasted a lot longer on standby than the Fenix does. That might all be down to optical HR, stress trackers etc running the whole time, it needs to be recharged every 5 odd days when used as a watch only. I havent had a chance to do a 6+ hour event with it yet, but I recon if you disable optical HR and a bunch of the other functions then it should last for quite a while on a charge.
  7. You could probably insert a smaller piece of steel in the tubes and then weld them, if push comes to shove that is.
  8. Keyboard, mouse and screen on the left is for the MBP and the same on the right for my Windows laptop. Its a big desk and has 4 screens with a whole lot on them!
  9. Clearing out carbon build up from recirc valves?
  10. What amazes me is how small they look in pictures... these things are MASSIVE! My one must weigh a couple of kg's at least. The mouse and keyboard are for size reference and there aint nothing small about it!!
  11. Many years ago I had a bike stolen and it was recovered after 4 years of being missing. I got hold of the police as I still had the case number and the officer wanted me to press charges as the person I had recovered it from was in possesion of stolen goods. It was a long story and I honestly dont believe they stole it. In the end the person who had it offered to "make good" by getting the bike serviced and replacing anything that was worn etc. I get where you are coming from though, its not always a simple black and white situation.
  12. Looks a bit like someone is wearing plakkies on a bike with these. They would have to be SERIOUSLY awesome to overcome the amount of abuse you would receive from your mates for being seen in public looking like that!
  13. As some others have mentioned, the Jimny is already a bit tall and lopey, its going to make it even more so if you add more weight to the roof. Still it should be fine, its not like you are racing around corners in a Jimny as it is!
  14. Thanks for the feedback, never been a Ford fan myself but the Everest is really nice. Im picking mine up on Friday this week, very excited about that.
  15. That sounds like fun, have you guys moved out to the country?
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