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  1. Yup, exactly why I prefer the tent option. I generally go every second weekend for a night or two. My wife and I can get the tent pitched in a few mins and everything setup. I have a queen sized inflatable mattress and a nice down duvet to go with it, so we camp comfy in the winter. Our kit is mostly down to what we need and we have a system of packing and unpacking which makes it quick and easy. When we get home its 5 mins to put everything away and we carry on with the day. I would only look at bigger setups if I was going to be overlanding for extended periods but Im happy with quick getaways for now.
  2. Yeah I do a lot of camping and 4x4 and there are some very fancy caravans that are very expensive, there are also smaller more budget friendly ones though. The one thing most people agree is that rooftop tents are not always practical. If you go away every weekend and spend more time away then home then sure, they can be good for that, they are also good for places with animals if you want to be off the ground. What they suck for is fuel economy, road noise and generally needing to find a flat space the size of the car they are attached to. I think the sweet spot is a high clearance trailer with a fold out rooftop tent and all of the kitchen/fridge etc in the trailer, you get to drive a normal car in the week and then hitch up the camping rig on the weekend. Not the cheapest either unfortunately.
  3. It would probably be cheaper to buy a caravan second hand than a Thule tent, they arent know for being value for money.
  4. Wow, has the world gone insane? since when is it ok for 105 to cost more than R15k for a groupset? Im glad I have no need or desire to upgrade anything on my bike at this point, it seems its probably cheaper to have a drug addiction than be a cyclist these days!!
  5. I have never understood the South African obsession with lagers, pretty much every other style is better. Devils Peak even have a decent low calorie APA which is a much better beer.
  6. Also, NEVER argue with Droo about anything suspension related, he will be right, its just how it is. No amount of reading on the internet can replace professional experience.
  7. Jayson you might be in luck if you want to go cage diving, there have been very few White pointers lurking around Cape Town for the last few years, but there have been some recent sighting which is promising. No one really knows why they have been avoiding CT but there have been suspicions around Port and Starboard the two Orca's that enjoyed snacking on big White's. The other possible reasoning was lower than normal amounts of their natural prey.
  8. Oh to have that much money that you need to find things to invest in to spend some of it...
  9. Seems Garmin are now in the same uncomfortable spot as Apple and co, the new device just cant have enough new features to warrant upgrading from the previous one. The one thing that will still drive sales is people who want to always have the latest. Personally I cant see a reason to upgrade from my 5X Plus.
  10. ^This, its all about the platform. Garmin has a great platform that plays nicely with a number of 3rd parties, the others dont.
  11. Onedayonly and others like it are clearance sites really. They get the leftovers and stale stock to sell at a reduced rate. Because of this they will always be sold out of the popular sizes before the sale even begins.
  12. Crank Bros wheels are for the guys who put 22 inch low profile tyres on their Hilux with a lift kit, they look great but arent actually good at what they are supposed to do.
  13. I have never really understood baggies for MTB, unless you fall a lot and need something durable then bibs will always be more comfortable. Is it because cool kids cant be seen in tight fitting stuff? worried your package is on show? I swam competitively for years so maybe being used to standing around in a speedo made me immune to people's opinions...
  14. There is no love in your post, just someone being defensive and butthurt. So please, dont try to hide behind a weak "Spread the love!" at the end of your post.
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