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  1. Ah interesting, so there are mx bikes tearing things up and making a ton of noise. I would probably want to put spikes in if I owned the land too.
  2. Rocket-Boy


    Why? Every sport needs a rockstar, he was that for MotoGP. Sure its time to retire now, but I dont think there is any reason to dislike him.
  3. You forget to have your morning coffee or something?
  4. I doubt anyone would go the the trouble of making those and placing them if they werent trying to keep people off their land.
  5. Rocket-Boy


    Rossi is worth 100x his race results to any sponsor, no one has the love of fans more than he does. Still, its time for him to finally call it a day.
  6. Openserve is really good with backup power across their last mile nodes and backhaul's. We get loadshed in 3 hour blocks in East London, it often happens where they turn the power on again and it trips due to load. In those instances it can be anything up to 7 hours of no elec and Openserve fibre always stays up.
  7. Wifi will be dead simple, just get 2x Ubiquiti unifi's and you will never have wifi issues again. They look cool too
  8. https://www.woodoc.com/products/products/woodoc-colours Woodoc has a gel stain range in bright colours. Shou sugi ban with a nice blue on top looks amazing, you should check out some of the youtube vids on it.
  9. Has more money than 99% of South African's and buys the lowest end Spez he can find?!?
  10. Who would pay R3.5k for headphones with poor sound quality?
  11. Just blame us for the reluctance to lend out tools, the bikehub woodwork collective has spoken! But yeah, it sounds like it could be quite fun to watch them make a mess of things.
  12. I dont like the idea of sweating on a pair of headphones that costs that much. Heck I cant understand why they cost that much to begin with. Im currently looking through the various options but will most likely go for something less than R1k so that I dont have to be ridiculously careful with them all of the time.
  13. Last off topic detraction from me... Im well stoked to hear that, I hope things just keep getting better for you. Corporates are soul destroying, Im still working for one and I know all about it!
  14. Pennywise - Killing Time has always had a kicker effect on me, ever since those surf movies it was always used in as a kid. What really makes these races is the human factor and what it takes to get to that finish, its difficult for most people to even comprehend the type of darkness you need to beat in your mind to get there. You sir are a legend, well done on an incredible achievement.
  15. Hey bud, its nice to see you on here again, glad to hear you are ok. The new forum takes a little getting used to, but for now its still the same place as before.
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