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morning cycle


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 My problem... !!!!!riding by myself!!

Is it good or bad I don't know but all I know is that not everyone wants to get up at 5 to go and cycleCry 


Is there anyone that would like to go and cycle at 5??

I ride a MTB so if there is anyone out there who would like to go and cycle please mail me or contact me I live in parkrand


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so does this mean no one cycles at 5 in the morning?? Cry

I'm devastated!! Shocked


It's still dark at 5am!


Do you ride on the road or off-road? From Parkrand have you tried the dirt roads in the mealie fields south of Sunward Park? And for longer rides the routes the quadbikes take towards the Suikerbosrand?
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I also ride at 5am & I normally pass a lot of joggers & a few cyclists but then again I don't live in Boksburg.


Maybe you should move (quickly)!!


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Yup, I cycle at 5 too. You know how your dog trots in his sleep when he's dreaming of running? Well, I do pedalling strokes in bed and stuff up the sheets and duvet.LOL

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I give up!!Cry I'm going to cycle on my own !! or move LOL

I'm a roadie, and ride with the club each morning, I wake 4:15am and get there at 5am.

But don't know about MTBing, do mountain bikers have club rides each morning ?

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move... in KZN we have road club rides at 4:45am and i also know of MTB club rides in the morning, just not sure what time they start! 

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Yeah I will move down to KZN in a heartbeat!!Smile


there are guys that MTB but not at 5 !!!!Cry it seems that the colder it get's here in the morning the better the excuse!! I just can't believe it!!Unhappy


I'm actually shopping for a road bike now at least the roadies don't have an excuse to cycle!!!
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