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  1. I think you can also re-ride a route indoors from your Garmin. You should have many routes on your Garmin 😁
  2. A lot of Kickr's out there and apparently there after sales service is great. I've never had an issue with my Kickr so I've never used their after sales service. The Tacx Neo is also a great trainer. If you can get a Neo, get the Neo otherwise get a Kickr. The Saris have an bad reviews, don't know if they've fixed their issues.
  3. Nice video, thanks for sharing. Some of your friends were wearing the wrong kit 😉 When Vukani joined at 7km it got a lot more dangerous, those guys almost caused numerous crashes. Luckily I finished safely. Didn't know there had been a crash at about 40km, good thing I was towards the front of the bunch. I know a cone went flying behind me towards Carnival City and heard that was a crash near the finish line. The one guys was still shaking after crossing the finish line.
  4. I had a look at the route but figured that it was going to be dangerous and I don't even live in that area. If they had gotten full road closure then I would have entered but sharing the roads with all that traffic is probably going to be a nightmare, especially coming back. those that decide to do the race, STAY SAFE !!!!
  5. You can get a mount and put the watch on the handle bars, like that you have a screen in front of you. Obviously a watch doesn't have as many data fields on the screen as the computer but you can always setup multiple screens and have it auto scroll.
  6. There's only 1 and that's a GARMIN !!! Normally there's plenty in the classified section. Should you want to buy new them the Garmin 130 or the PLUS is the starting point. However you can get something like a Garmin 510 for about R2k, it has a touch screen & Bluetooth. The Garmin 520 is an excellent device as well, millions sold in South Africa, slowly people are moving onto the new 530. Garmin also has good after sales service (don't know how the others are though)
  7. To use fat as fuel you'll need to avoid carbs so that your body starts using fat as a fuel. You can loose weight using fat as a fuel and you can loose weight using carbs as a fuel, back to Calories IN vs Calories OUT. If you over eat on Keto you'll gain weight as as with eating carbs. GCN on YouTube did an episode some time back where the presenter switched to a Keto diet for a few weeks. Search for it as you might find it interesting.
  8. Power are more accurate than Hear Rate zones but if you don't have a power meter then you can use HR zones. To get your Power Zones you'll have to do a FTP test To get you HR Zones you'll have to do a LTHR test (both tests can be done at the same time) Alternately if you want to avoid some pain and the taste of blood you can work out your HR Zones from your max HR. The harder you ride the more your body will look for carbs to use as fuel
  9. Everybody is different and you need to figure out what will work for you I can do a 70km ride in a fasted state without any problems but I need to eat carbs during the days otherwise there's no power in the legs to climb Keto / using fat for energy doesn't work for everybody and it normally only works if you doing Zone 2 riding, should you decide to spend some time in Zone 4, 5 & 6 then normally carbs are required. Basic principle is Calories IN vs Calories OUT
  10. This request has been making it's rounds on some WhatsApp groups but nowhere is there an explanation on why they are requesting the information. I heard that a few people ended up in hospital because of coming down there but don't know if it's related or not. When I went past that spot the Police were telling everybody to slow down and pay attention to that gap, however the gap was filled with something.
  11. Yes I'm also having issues with the Gym Tracker. Did call Vitality last week and they said that they are aware of the problem. Today nothing seems to work on the Discover App.
  12. Would have been interesting to test the hub against FB Marketplace. For specific bike parts like cranks, pedals, etc I think the hub would still be in 1st place but for complete bikes I think that it might be neck and neck with Marketplace. As a buyer it's great to have various options though but the down side is that you have to look in 4 different places.
  13. Cyclewizz


    I was thinking about this yesterday. Needed to workout the exchange rate but since it's about R360.00 for 1 year I think that I'm going to sign up.
  14. I had a Kickr Snap 1 and that poor trainer was put through hell during lockdown. Two us us putting in a few hours a day. After a while it started misreading the power / watts but after some searching in YouTube I found the reason, the optical sensor needed a clean. After it was cleaned it worked 100% again. Now I have a Kickr 3 and have only had good km. I've never dealt with the local agents.
  15. If no device is picking up the strap then it's time for a new one (seeing that it's got a new battery) Try a different strap and see if the 810 picks it up, if it does then you know that it isn't the unit.
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