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Garmin 60 csx

Hagar Bike

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Has anyone used the Garmin 60 csx for cycling? Is the unit to big for bike use? I would prefer to use this model as I can then use it for GEO - Cashing  and in the car.

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I've used my 76Cx for MTBing and it works very nice.  I can route and record my trail to view the profile on the computer.  And I use it for geocaching, overlanding, bike trips. 


Make sure you get a good mount.  I'm using a RAM mount and it is very sturdy.

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Yup - I use the Garmin 60CSX on my MTB.

First used it in Portugal on a 8day stage race (no marshalls or markings). Track was loaded on to GPS by organisers.

Use a very good Touratech bike mount.

The GPS has on occasions turned off on very rough terrain and needs to be turned back on. Garmin does not know what causes it, but it is not a train smash.

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Switch off problems on rough terrain is most likely due to batteries losing contact momentarily due to vibration. Padding up the batteries and/or contact springs usually solves the problem. Some brands of batteries are slightly longer than other, providing a tighter fit and less problems.


Garmin 60CSX may be a few years old by now, but is a very nice versatile unit.

The size has pro & cons e.g. nice large screen, but bulky & heavy on the bike.

If you get a good mount (not the plastic Garmin one) it should work fine.



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IMHO its the best GPS on the market!!  Tried & tested.....


Haven't used it for MTB yet - but then why not?


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