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Hi Guys, anyone know which shop in Gauteng area sells Easton Road Handlebars at decent prices? Thanks for your help!

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Ive got a spare EA70 in 44cm, but its not aero. Took it off my bike on Wednesday and replaced it with a EC70 aero that i got from CRC.


Let me know if you would be interested in it?

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I went for the EC70 for a number of reasons, mainly because the the EA was a 44cm, and my other bikes i ride 42, so i wanted them to be the same. Secondly the EA bar was very harsh on my hands, the alu transmitted all the vibrations from the road into my hands, and often on my rides my hands would start hurting. This never happned with my other Easton bar, (EC90 SLX?) so i decided my next bar would have to be carbon. So far it seems to have worked, and the two rides i have tested them on my hands have not got sore / tired at all. And lastly the EC bars have got a a unique shape (like the old EC90 bars) which makes riding / sprinting in the drops very comfortable.


Hope that helps you in making up your mind.


BTW Westdene has a set of 44cm EC70 Aero bars, or at least they did last week. I seem to remember the price was around R1700, but i may be mistaken. Give them a call. (My bars from CRC cost me R1040 landed!)Wink


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