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  1. https://www.easybike.co.za/garmin-venu-sq-music-rose-gold-aluminum-bezel.html https://www.easybike.co.za/garmin-venu-rose-gold-stainless-steel-bezel-with-light-sand-case.html
  2. The battery life is very good. We probably change them every 10 months or so, and thats with a daily weight in for each of us. The one thing that irritates us, my wife especially, is that the kids jump on and then weight themselves. The domestic has also done it on occasion and then for some reason they manage to override the ?? on the screen and save the stats under one of our profiles. And you normally only notice the next day as when you stand on it it doesn't recognize your weight and associate it with your profile, so then its then a manual process of going into the app, deleting that weight in, letting the whole system sync and then getting back on so that when you weight yourself it once again can associate your weight with your profile, and then save it accordingly. Bit of a chore but its maybe 2 or 3 times a year so not that much of a deal.
  3. I've had the Garmin Smart Scale since they came out. Picked one up in the states long before they were available in SA. Basically is is a scale and it does what its supposed to do. It syncs with my wifi first time every time (never had any issues, but i have seen a lot of complaints about the wifi connection on forums) and it uploads my data into Garmin Connect. Works well for us as my wife and I only use Garmin watches, cycling computers etc so it fits in well and adds value within that ecosystem. I see that they have just launched the Smart Scale 2, DC Rainmaker has a good review online, but the colour screen and weather app isnt going to to make me rush out and upgrade. Im very happy with mine as us and ill use it till it dies. They unfortunately are not cheap, so unless you have a number of Garmin products and it can integrate into that system it may be better going for a cheaper option as the data they provide is all the same, it just depends what platform you want it saved on.
  4. Im still seeing sponsored ads in the classified feed when viewing on the mobile site. See the attached pic of the Ridesmart Lights as the current example. It does however seem to change daily. Is there anyway to turn this off completely, as my settings are set to show no ads?
  5. The new site looks good but its overly complicated. Why so many categories? Surely in most cases a stem is a stem? Why split everything into Gravel, Road Tri and MTB? Also the picture thumbnails are too big when browsing on mobile, it just feels like you are scrolling endlessly and thats only on page 1 of however many. Infact in my opinion the thumbnail size when using the search function (showing search preview) is adequate, its only when you go into the specific item that you need a large image of the item.
  6. They obviously too busy building the new website. Ive now been waiting 2 weeks for a reply to a mail I sent them about 12sp XTR shifter...
  7. With regards to Shimano 12 speed, does anyone know where to find one of the 12-speed Shimano crankset lockring tools locally? TL-FC41
  8. Where are you based? Ive got a Cannondale Scalpel 29 Carbon 2 that I plan on selling. The bike is a 2013 model. Frame size is Large and pretty much stock with regards to all the origial parts. Its well spec'ed with the hi-mod frame, carbon cranks, 2x10 XTR etc. The bike hasnt even done 3500km, and most of that was JHB2C a few years back. I was looking for around R22k. Drop me a PM if you are interested.
  9. Will they then also be stocking them for purchase? If not, what is the shipping cost to JHB? Also, when will the demo unit be arriving for us to test?
  10. We need a few details to try and help:Wheel size? Axle type? V Brake / disc mount?
  11. https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/recon-tl-200-100-saddle-rail-mount-2020 Just saw this on the Giant website... Edit - sorry just saw you already mentioned them and they are out of stock
  12. Try this one... https://my.rouvy.com/virtual-routes/detail/46752
  13. My Assos bibs arrived today unannounced, no email stating they had been shipped etc. Dropped off by an honest neighbor after Dawnwing delivered them more than 1km away to a corresponding house number in Virginia Ave while I live in Victoria. Funny as I had his new cell phone delivered to my house 2 weeks ago. Seems in these times of social distancing ID checks and signatures are no longer required.
  14. Ill try it this way seeing as my previous post didn't get a reply.... https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-r8000-carbon-pedals R 1,500 (If you can match your previous price please drop me a mail. If so we can sort it out they can be shipped with the 2x Assos Evo shorts I paid for last week)
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