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Argus Race Report


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No, not time travelling...the other Argus, the junior cycle tour.




This afternoon I shepherded young "son of bikemonster" around the junior tour course. It was scarier than my vasectomy. Possibly because for this I was awake. Possibly also because I seemed to be the only person who was awake.




Son of is 6, and only just qualifies to ride the 10km route, but as his hectic social life meant that we couldn't get there earlier, we rode the 10km. The little guy acquitted himself well. Didn't ride into anybody, rode more or less straight and didn't cause any accidents.




The nippers are even more scary and more clueless than the racing juniors. A kid in some or other team kit, shorts and jersey almost took us out twice. The second time I collared him and turned into Protective Dad and told him that if saw him so much as scratch a smaller kid he'd have to answer to me.




Apart from that there were kids stopping wherever the hell they were, people overtaking in a sort of random sine wave wobble, over-eager dads yelling for people to get out of their kids' way and people falling off their bikes for no discernible reason, alone on straight pieces of tarmac.




I was very pleased to survive the first two laps with my arms still attached to my person and my teeth firmly in their sockets.




Son of finished his 10km with a Lance Armstrong signature weary nod of the head as he crossed the finish line; I think I need to lock my TdF dvd's away.

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Cute man! And well done to both of you for surviving it - bikemonster, I'm sure it was a lot more daunting for you than it was for the offspring and I bet he'll be bugging you to be there again next year!

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It was safer riding in the K group of the big argus than doing the 10k kidies argus, the kids are all over the place and some of them are really competitive.

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