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Bike Carrier for DH bike


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I have a Morewood Izimu, and 2 bike racks that it can't fit onto.


One is the fold away type that hooks onto the boot. The problem is that the 2 arms that support the bike are too far apart, and cannot both fit inside the front triangle of the frame.


The other is the kind that fits into a tow hitch, and "clamps" the top tube of the bike. The problem with this is that the "clamp with the square tubing of the carrier frame is too thick to fit in between my top tupe and shock.


I am thinking of getting a Thule Proride type rack for the roof... but is it safe to have a close on 20kg monster riding in that type of rack?


The other option is the Thule Ride-on type... but my budget is tight, and the car I use most often, and would fit it to, doesn't have a tow hitch (so that's an extra R3000... so totalling close on R7000 for a bike carrier... too pricey for me).


Does anyone have any suggestions or experience in this regards?!





patches2010-03-17 03:04:20
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Thule sell a cross bar (fits between seat post and stem) that will allow you to use the fold away carrier - got one for my Stumpjumper at FPC for about R200.00< id="gwProxy" ="">< ="jsCall;" id="jsProxy" ="">

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Awesome! thanks! I'll take my bike to the Thule dealer or Fritz and see if they can help out?!

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Best to come to the Thule Woodmead store and we can 1) save you money 2) show you out of the box thinking to make sure that your bike is firmly and securely on your Thule rack

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