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just another question on CRC

pedal pusher

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Hey guys

I know this has probably been answered a million times,but I am looking for any advice on buying from CRC.

I am looking to buy & wheelset & some other goodies to around the value of R3500.

What is the whole process once the purchase has been made online?how does customs & vat work?Where does the parcel get delivered to?How long does it take etc....

This old dog is battling to learn new tricks..

Thanks guys.
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Sorry if I sound unsympathetic, but yes, it has been answered many times (although I doubt it is a million) - do a search, its all there. You might even pick up a few things you wouldn't have thought to ask ....

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hey pedal pusher. i've just done my third purchase from them in quite a short time and so far it has worked the same each time. you can give your home address as the delivery address, there are three different shipping options, i've chosen the fastest one each time, (also most expensive but i figured safest so i went for it). your package will be delivered to your door, you need to sign for it so if you are not home they will leave a message. the customs thing with my orders was pretty painless i fugure because my shipments got here within a week. you will pay about 4-500 rand customs and tax on the order, maybe slightly less? and they usually only take cheques or eft's, they dont seem to work in cash. its a very painless process and i was blown away each time by how soon the shipment arrived. i am sure there have been other stories, apparently customs are a bit heavy with things like wheels and some clothing, but so far touch wood i have only had great experiences, and with the pound at just over 11 its been a wicked time to buy. you can also track the full process of each stage of your order online to see if there are any snags. hope that answers some of your questions. and good luck. 

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