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Polar S725X vs Garmin Edge 305


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Don't think you can really compare a polar to a garmin with pros and cons.


You can google the pros and cons of each, or you can ask which would be better for the kind of riding you do.


If you're a triahtlete then I'd go with the s725x. Haven't used any of them, but everone complains about the edge 305. Lots and Lost and Lots of problems.


If only for cycling, then the edge 500 is a popular choice nowadays.


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Yeah must agree with Stewie, I'm getting the Garmin edge 500 in the week and there has been a new firmware released for it so data loss problems should be sorted.  The 305 is outdated so I wouldnt get it. 


Its (edge 500) a great unit if you dont need full road mapping like a car gps which the 705 has(but who does really ? most people know where they train and ride marked races)  the 500 still does give 'breadcrumb'routes so you can follow a track you loaded. 


It also intergrates with ANT power meters so you dont need a 2nd head unit, gives heart rate, speed ,elevation etc and you can donwload and analyse the data with software. 


But the edge is really a bike only device, althoughn you can mount it to your wrist with the strap from the forerunner 310xt(?) It is not waterproof so you cant swim with it.


So if you want a top end bike computer that can display power as well as gps trails, get he 500.  If you want a watch, a bike computer in one so you can swim, bike, gym, run and wear it as a watch get the polar.  But do remember it doesnt feature power meter compatability and it has no gps functions.
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