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  1. Cool well I must say at 180g the Nao is really light for the size and sits really nicely without bounce etc
  2. I think the Black Diamond Storm is around that price and output, not sure. My 2c is I prefer a moer bright headlamp with good wide beam so you dont just stare at a white dot. Bombing down a trail at night you need to be able to see well and far enough ahead, even more so where you are running. Maybe other people see better than I do with less light, but it never ceases to amaze me when I see people run with what looks like a cellphone light lol. Petzl Nao (1st Gen) has served me well, but I think they are way out of your price range. That being said I've had it for more than 7 years I'd guess, so over time and use the cost becomes really low. The reactive lighting really works well.
  3. Howzit guys Some input from those with knowledge of the Oscar V1 would be appreciated. Seems that once the pump is activated, there is water leaking somewhere, which then accumulates below the removable drip tray. When the machine was on but unused, there was no such water present, soon as I used it this morning same thing again. I used to turn the machine on to use it and then turn it off again, but it started to the trip the power when the pump activated for a few seconds while brewing. I started to leave the machine on and dry up the water after each brew, which seems to have stopped the power tripping issue at least. However near the end of the extraction the pump is also starting to make a different sound I'm not used to now, hard to describe, almost like it's pumping and stopping and so on, instead of one long pump during extraction if that makes sense. Machine is about 6 years old and has been in to 9bar for some other issues before like steam leaks, last was about 5 to 6 months ago. Any idea what the issue may be or how I can check/troubleshoot it? Keeping in mind I'm not a very mechanically minded person Thanks in advance! WW.
  4. Lekker to see my thread is still going strong after so many years! Just a heads up to those in GP - Hedianga Farm is currently closed; apparently there is a leopard frequenting the area Cheers, WW.
  5. Seems I've gotten myself a bit of a stress fracture in my shin, any recommendations of where to go in PTA to check it out.?
  6. Just like training you can get used to it so train yourself for longer events. Me well I drink loads, sip every 5 minutes about. Can do 250ml on a single lap of Kloof. So I always carry a pack or the Sense set on my hand with h2o etc.
  7. I run there a lot as well, we should organise one together. Hopefully the unwanted elements stay out there. Fastest I've clocked for the outside loop sign to sign is about 24:17 I think, what have you guys run?
  8. FYI 2 people were tied up and mugged on the Groenkloof Yellow Route on Sunday so best to avoid for now. Run that route most Sunday afternoons alone and the last time about 2 weeks back I found myself more looking around for thugs than relaxing and enjoying it, which is a sad state of affairs.
  9. Thanks guess mine was made on a Friday then haha! Headseal I know and had actually just replaced it myself when this issue arose and machine has been standing after that, hence perhaps needing a descale. Kettle does fur up here in Pretoria so take it water is a bit hard, but I do use filtered water.
  10. Guys I need some work done on my Oscar. Besides taking it to 9Bar, is there anyone else you can recommend? I need the following done: Replace Under cup seal, Filter sieves, Brewing solenoid valve and descaling of the boiler. Any idea of cost on the above? I've been told replacement of the solenoid is a regular/yearly sort of maintenance thing, but I've never heard of this and think the guy is talking nonsense?
  11. http://sprudge.com/first-look-at-the-new-la-marzocco-linea-mini-73298.html
  12. Guys anyone keen for a run tomorrow and/or sunday early at Groenkloof?
  13. I know and 20 is good, but at Avianto I'm doubtful I'll enjoy the trails. Been disappointed by most of these trail race routes ending being a dirt road run. But I stand to be corrected so let me know how they are.
  14. I'm not one for these short races to be honest. R160 or so entry plus travel time and cost for such a short race and then it's buffed out trails don't interest me. Rather put my Groenies ticket to work
  15. Ja nee. Who's joining us? Can't be all talk and no running here guys
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