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Single speed conversion


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I'd like to find out, when converting to SS, can keep my old cassette? I'm trying to make a chain tensioner and I'm battling a bit. I find when I put torque on the peddles, the tensioner I've made moves, the chain slips\moves downhill, then comes off etc..


Any ideas on a homemade chain tensioner? and must I use only one sprocket? The bike is an el-cheapo that someone left at my office, so I don't want to spend major $$$. A single speed kit cost R500, which is more than the bike is worth

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Cheapest is to use an old derailleur.


You can take the old cassette apart and use the sprockets individually, either collect some extra spacers like the ones you will have left over from the cassette or use some 40mm (could be 50mm) plastic piping and then use the end/smallest sprocket and the lockring to hold it all together.


Try make sure the chainline is as straight as possible, though it shouldn't be too much of a problem with an old derailleur


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Thanks, I'll have a look at that.


The original derailleur went into the spokes, so it's a complete loss. Hence my reason for for making a new one. I used a 2mm mild steel flatbar with a hole at the end for the sprocket. It still moves and twists.


I imagine that I'll have rebuild the chain, I took a bunch of links out?

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PM Kiwi, he has single speed kits for a lot less. Or visit planet x bikes.

To start off just buy the tensioner, break up an old set of sprockets and use a lot of spacers. Use the 12t to lock everything in place.

Just don't use an old deraileur for a tensioner, the chain will slip off the front blade and you will hurt your kids.

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