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  1. It has a cycling option. It has Walk, Run Outdoor, Run Indoor, Bike and Cardio as options. AFAIK you can also connect up a separate heart rate monitor and cadence/speed sensors
  2. To my knowledge you can actually ride your horse in there if you have an activity card, but not ride a bike. Have seen someone riding there on a horse before (I was on other side of the fence)
  3. There are a number of groups in Facebook that I'm a member of that buy and sell older camera equipment. Send me a list of what you have and I'll ask one of the more prolific "dealers" what they are worth
  4. So on the 6 August, I got letter saying it's closed/verification complete pretty much bang on 21 "working" days. I guess I'll have to wait another 21 "working" days before it gets paid out
  5. I'm on 18 "working days" since I submitted my docs. Will see what happens next week
  6. Sorry, I got the external cable one https://www.on-lynecomponents.com/products/lyne-contour-dropper-post-27-2mm-x-105mm-external-v2-0
  7. Got one of these delivered to me on Tuesday. https://www.on-lynecomponents.com/products/27-2mmx105mm-internal
  8. Good idea, if they drive off in the car and you have the key in YOUR pocket
  9. I have a mate who had a keyless car. He was robbed at a traffic light and the perps ran off with his laptop back with the "key" in it. Car stopped once it was a certain distance away. Had to call wife to come with spare.
  10. In Switzerland they use similar plugs In Italy they use plugs with the earth pin inline with the others
  11. My Nissan has indicator on the left
  12. I would also like to know where you got it and for how much. I have seen similar advertised on Gumtree and other websites(Chilled Squirrel are the one lot), but no-one gives the price for them.
  13. I submitted on Thursday 5 July and I see on e-filing there is a "letter" dated Sunday 8 July requesting the info. If I hadn't gone onto e-filing to check when I can expect the payout, I would never have seen the letter. It hasn't been sent to my email.
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