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Disc or Tri Spoke


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Hi Guys


Ive been told by all that a Disc wheel is much better than a tri spoke. It is more aero dynamic and will help in winds against you and in winds with you?


I tried a disc wheel in the full iron man and i regreted it. I just some how felt that the tri spoke i used in the half was better! or better suited for me? Is it because i am not good enough or just not used to it or just on the day i would of felt the same with the tri spoke in PE? My Avg speed was 32km/h on both has speed got anything to do with it? In general i have a slow cadence and i know i kneed to pick this up. Just giving you all the info so the pro's out there can help me make my mind up?




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Your first mistake to try something new on race day. Always try new bits and bobs in training first. This will psychologically prepare you for racing conditions with the equipment.




Biggest drawback of the disc is that it is not great in cross winds. Can't see that cadence will influence the performance of the wheel. Speed maybe.

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Thanks EricV!


Hey Guys any more views?? Tri Spoke or Disc? If Disc is faster why do some pro's have deep section others tri spoke and some disc?


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I used a 50mm deep section with the disc and a normal rim with the tri spoke. Hadnt bought the deep sections yet.


Those look awesome but R19k?? To much for me.




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