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    Ciao ciao

    Hey Folks. I have lost track of how long I've been on this forum but with the latest changes i'm going to say ciao.Im not here to buy or sell items and now with so many of the chit chat groups closed there's nothing left here.There's plenty of other forums out there for my other interests. I wish the admins good luck on their new approach.👍 I'm still on instagram and you welcome to stalk me there. https://www.instagram.com/brettinlux/
  2. My Klipsch earbud fell out on Wednesday while cycling and a tractor went over it. Not paying a small fortune for a pair again so ordered these off Amazon for €50.Read a few reviews and decided to give them a try. Wow they actually sound great for the money. Way better than original iPhone earbuds👍 They also water resistant and come with a soft silicone cover to protect them from drops.
  3. A bit of gravel riding on the road bike again🙈
  4. When you get to your bike and the wheel is flat but fortunately your son rides the same size as you do😀👍
  5. Some sunlight liquid on the bead helps to seat the tyres. Remove the valve core and inflate it then fit the core and inflate again.
  6. I’m running 42mm WTB Resolute tyres at the moment and it’s a big difference from 40mm.They measure closer to 44 on the 25mm rims👍
  7. Best you stay clear of mud then🙈
  8. As soon as it’s chipped the warranty is void and it very expensive to repair.
  9. Been waiting for a bike since beginning of October last year and not holding hopes of getting it this year.
  10. I’ve got the Neuron 9.0 Ltd.
  11. It’s not just the wheels. The neuron is a trail bike and not a race bike so it’s the beefier frame,fork and the geometry of the bike. your friends are on 100mm race bikes that are made for speed.If that’s what you are wanting then sell the frame and fork and buy something lighter or swop the bike. I love my neuron as a all round bike but I’m not a race snake and just enjoy the riding. ps mines at 12kg at the moment🤫😳
  12. Is it just me or do the mushrooms in the fitness park look rather strange?👀🤣🤣 Pretty sure they’ll make some interesting shadows 🙄😀
  13. Does that mean no more danger areas and stolen bike threads as they a result of the political mess? Crime also falls under current affairs.
  14. Received these this morning.I’m keeping one and the other I’ll give to a mate for his birthday. both are awesome and worth the money to replace those plastic things.Just so easy to remove the valves now and not get your fingers knocked on the spokes👍👍 which one do I keep though 🤔🧐
  15. I just ignore people that tell me what I should ride.One of my favorite bikes is my steel Ritchey.I often get told I must ride carbon because it’s the best and lightest but I just smile and say “ok sure”.
  16. A mate of mine has a few bikes and saw a wanted advert on a local group so he replied saying that he had what the guy was looking for.He told the guy to make him a offer as he wasn’t sure what the bike was worth.Said buyer offered him €300 more than he paid for the bike 3 years ago. The buyer had his bike stolen and has a Ironman next month so he was desperate to get a bike. it’s simple supply and demand and there just isn’t enough stock to go around.
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