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Fitting MTB cleats into shoes


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I feel like a proper rookie asking this. I've been riding for many years, but am only now looking for some cleats and shoes (I've never been this much into XC).


A lot of the shoes I've looked at have rubber sole covering the cleat area that looks like it's supposed to be cut away. Does one just go at it with a sharp blade? Are there threads underneath into which one bolts the cleat? Would all MTB shoes have the same system? (I am aware that different pedals use different cleat systems, but do they all connect to the shoe in the same way?) Anything else to be aware of?


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Just make sure the shoes have the threading on the inside and that it is well covered.


If not stay away!


If it has got the threading you should be able to just "peel" away the rubber strip.
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The ones that are covered do generally have instructions how to open them up. There are some that are not covered. ALL MTB shoes work with the 2 bolt system.

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