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I am losing my bearings...


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I decided to start cleaning my bike for the Lionman after the last race left it really dirty and muddy.

I checked the jockey wheels first - and as expected, there was no grease left. But that is not the problem...


I checked the rear hub and I wish I took pictures! The drive side internal bearing (sealed bearing on a DT Swiss X1800 hub) was dry! Yes, dry...and rusted.


Now I managed to clean and regrease the bearing...So it's fine for Saturday...But I would like to replace the bearings...Where can I take it to have it pressed out and replaced? And is it worth doing it?


Look, I can replace the hub with something better - but I would like to get the X1800 fixed and keep it for the Fisher I am slowly building up.
MJ loves MTB2010-05-11 08:11:07
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I can do the bearings for you. Contact me via the usual avenues. I have those in stock and can do the job while you wait.


Some of those DT Swiss rear hubs are so poorly designed I think the objective of the design was to keep water in. The ones with the caged roller bearings supporting the inside of the freehub body are particularly bad. I think those seals are made from rice paper.


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