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schwinn 405 headset


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my wife schwinn 405 needs new headset and the origional does not seal propley . Can any one tell me if i can get a better after market part to fit in or must I go for the origional . The sizes are 44mm od , 30mm id and 21.2mm with the two bearings fitted together and measured.

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You can fit any one of many different aftermarket parts on that bike.


I can't figure out if you have an internal or external headset on there (perhaps a photo will help), but the best type to get is where you can just drop a new cartridge bearing in when the old one's kaput.


Headsets are sized according to the steerer tube diameter, and in inches. Nowadays most headsets are thus 1 1/8th inch. Then, you get threaded and threadless and, internal and external.


The measurement you described as "The two bearings fitted together" is generally referred to as the stack height, given one or two variables in the whole equation.


Show us a photo of your existing headset or head tube and we can advise you on fitting another one.


All of this should equip you to go show with confidence.

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I can not send photo,s as they will not load sorry . They are internal bearing with loose ball and cage . The top races and balls are all rusted and I am worried the race will still cause the neck to be ruff .


Where can i get aftermarket headsets from . The bottom of the steering tube where the race presses on to is 30mm and the top measures 28.6mm witch is the 1 1/8 you would be talking about .
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OK, this looks like a recent model bike and I think I can safely assume you need a 1 1/8th inch, external, threadless headset.


You can get them from any bike shop. Expect to pay between R300 and R500 for a decent one like Cane Creek or BBB. These will come in several parts. The two cups will press into the frame (think and plan carefully before tackling this operation), two replaceable bearings that seat into the cups, a cop cap, a conical spacer, a seal or two and one or two other bits and pieces.


Once you've invested in this, you only need to replace the bearings from time to time.


Headsets with the cups as the bearing races are cheaper but as you discovered, a pain to replace.


Don't ruin your new headset by botching the cup insertion. It is more tricky than it looks.
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Thanks Johan , Went through to Northcliff Cycles . The guys were very helpfull and sorted a headset out for me with in seconds . Have just finished install everything . The head set is much better Quality than the standard and looks like the water will not get in as easy .


Thanks again for all the help much appreciated .
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