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Brakes?? XTR vs MAGURA MartaSL


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I've got 2x sets .. Shimano XTR and a Magura Marta SL .... to be or not to be???


Wich one is best???


By just using i'm quite happy with both however the XTR's have come a long way and I do kinda like them?


So what's your opinion?
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As weight weenie they are both too heavy ;) So I upgraded from XT to formula R1, lightest on the market at this time AFIK...


The xtr and martha are both nice, though I prefer the power and feel of the Marthas, really nice brakes.  However I am really impressed with the R1 so if you want to go new I can recommend them. 


But let the others give a run down on the fluid they use, pad life, easy of bleading etc. 

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If XTR is good enough for Geoff Kabush, it will be good enough for you.


Plus the pads for XTR are freely available at most LBS where you might have to order Magura pads especially if you live in a smaller town.


Other than that I think both brakes are very good quality and both have very good performance.


I ride XTR at the moment and I can recommend them.
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Both brake sets are very good. The only major difference as mentioned earlier is the parts availability. I for example snapped a hose nipple, and finding parts locally is a bit of an issue. I'm having to source from chain reaction in the UK on the Magura stuff.

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