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L'equipe Friday 27th


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" YES, Yes, I checked all the rules. Sunglasses are allowed"






Irishj92007-07-27 03:09:50

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Athletics now under the L'Equipe spotlight. In return for a reduction of his suspension term, Hindi delba, positive for EPO, is helping the IAAF press charges against 12 French athletes. Full page story...its not just cycling....

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McLaren accused of cheating in F1. They were found to have secret Ferrari technical specs on their computers. Guilty as charged. No sanctions. Half page styory, L'equipe P15

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He didn?t just

SEE Rasmussen in the mountains that day in June. He had a conversation with





?He told me

that he?d already been riding for 8 hours, that he left his hotel at 6am on his

bike. That?s what I reported. To praise him. To speak of his obesssion with preparation, his weighing of his food, his counting of the pate?s he eats, one by

one, etc?





conversation with Rabobank manager De Rooy.


Last Friday

Theo called me on the phone. It was a brief call.


? Hi, its





Is it true

you saw Rasmussen, in June, in the Dolomites?


-I think so, yes.


You think

so, or you saw him?


- Do you want the real truth? Ok I saw him.






De Rooy hangs

up. It was 8pm the day Rasmussen left the Tour.




Next the desperate

call from Rasmussen -


Cassani - ?I heard a

shake in his voice, a man who had never insulted me or accused me of anything,

but I felt his pain, and it moved me to tears?.





He (

Cassani) refuses all interviews ( which he could have offered at EUR4000 a

shot) and remains in hiding in the RAI caravan. In his heart he remains

inconsolable, he liked Rasmussen too much.

?I cant

bear to think that in speaking to him (that day) I have perhaps destroyed the

man, and his career, especially since I was once a rider too.




It brings a

wry smile when you think how simple it was to force him to leave the race, and

throw the Tour into chaos.




All it took

was that, as chance would have it, one day in the Dolomites, a man alone on a

deserted road in a rainstorm, encountered another man on a quiet sectet






Irishj92007-07-27 05:10:22

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