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Here is the situation never got real understanding

current setup Alec wheels with Avid juicy brakes and 160MM Back rotor

and 185MM front rotor (both avid and 6 bolt)


New setup in the process XT wheels which are cente lock

need to get rotors pref light ones. what are my option

I know i can buy a converter from centre lock to six bolt but that seems

silly as it negates the advantage of centre lock and its heavy


I dont mind going to 160MM on both if thats an answer

I do know that avid just started selling an avid 185MM centre lock rotor but its R500 a rotor


any advice Cry or even avids local number (agents) so i can ask them


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There are a pair of XT centrelock rotors on here 160mm


Those are big enough to stop you... unless you're a DHiller?


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You can use different brands of rotors if you didn't know that. Like tarmac says, you can use those shimanos with your avid brakes.


I'm currently using 140 rear and 160 front and that's fine for normal XC
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just get 2 X shimano XT rotors centre lock 160MM front and back

what about the thikness and uneven brake wear or rub?

have heard that theory


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Unless your pads are really bad the and worn unevenly it wont matter. the rotor thickness is minuscule and if you push the pistons back to reset them they will come back and bite again in the right place. Just like putting new pads in.


If your pads are bad then get new pads with your new rotors.


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