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Oil outside on new bought fork

The Crappy German

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I've ordered a new Reba race which I had delivered today. It is still in the bag, however it's oily on the outside.


How can I check if the oil is leaking from somewhere inside without taking it out of the clera plastic bag it's wrapped in?

Is it normal that this for leaks a bit when it lies for too long? Or upside down?




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It's not that big a deal if a fork leaks a little oil, but it shouldn't really.


I know my answer is weird. You can ask johan bornman if you are concerned
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Johan will come and make his statement, I'm sure!


Well, it may not be weird, however I don't want it to leak even before I've put it on the bike! Which should be understandable. I've had another one before and nothing leaked there!


thanx tho


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O ok. I also have reba race and it's oily at the lockout, but I've been told that it's not all that bad.


I also won't like that on a brand new fork though
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When i bought my Reba race it was very lightly oilded but it never leaked oil.

Put it on and ride it.
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Thx for the comments.

It doesn't make sense to put a fork on the bike when if it leaks before usage. I returned it and opted for a different fork.


Happy World Cup - Germany's gonna kick ass again this afternoon!
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