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Gym and cycling training combined

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Hi guys, I am qualified in sports conditioning and personal training.


From the 1st of July i will be starting at a new gym in Cape Town. The gym is situated in the city center.


I have been working with cycling specific clients for over a year now and the results gained from incorporating functional,strength and core training with normal cycling training is overwhelming!


I offer a free assessment/ session to anyone who is interested. I guarantee results, body fat will decrease ,strength and stability will increase and whatever goal you might have I'm sure will be accomplished.


Andri Paul Joubert

Personal training, sports conditioning, nutrition (dipl. HFPA)



for any gym related questions feel free to ask on thread :-)

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Fantastic news!! Hope the rates are going to be GUARANTEED good aswell.

All the best for your venture.

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Any chance of assisting with a good training program or better still how about relocating to Gauteng?

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Hi Guys, I have done a few online programs, at the moment i am trying to stear clear of them. It involves a lot of admin regarding diff exercises and so on. If anyone is in CT though il be willing to help.


The training style and exercises are a lot different than what you will see in a normal gym. That why it is so difficult to explain over a email.


DMC007, Great Rates!

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Report Back:


The session I had this morning was informative and helpful.

He's offered to look at my current program to see where we could help each other.

I'd also love the wife to go to him for a few sessions, with her buy-in of course.


Will get back to you with the info probably by Monday.


And the rates are not bad at all...


A BIG thank you for meeting with me this morning.

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