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I've got a Scott Spark and a Thule 3 bike hanging rack. The only way I can fit the bike on is by resting and securing the rear shock onto the bike rack. While I think this is ok for short trips, i'm going away this weekend and want anyones opinion if this will damage the shock in the long term.


Thanks for your help

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Any lateral force on your shock could damage it since it is designed for axial loading only - either a bent shaft, or damaged seals depending on the magnitude of the lateral force.

Since you have a fancy bike, buy a decent tow-hitch mounted rack that support your bike under the wheels. I know a decent Thule costs a fortune but a decent rack will last a lifetime, and can support alloy & carbon bikes, road & MTB bikes, bikes with round and odd-shaped tubes. A rack that supports your bike underneath is much easier to load, and more secure on dirt/bumpy roads.

There are cheapy bottom-support racks, like BuzzRack, which are not too bad, but Thule is a class of it's own. There's also a new Euro brand bsr but I can't recall the name - check the mags.

Hope this helps.

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