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Custom fit saddle


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hi all.


wondered if any body has tried to get or has experience with custom fit saddles?

i think specialized has a programme for it?


getting a sore bum and dont wanna get saddle sores, as got some raw areas now, and wondering if it is the saddle?

have taken up mtb and doing 70km races and training for stage races, so maybe its just the increased time in the saddle?

does the skin harden up with more training?



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Try using some "saddle creams"

I find the milking cream that you can buy at a vet / co-op quite useful!!

never had any problems with sores...

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Hours in the saddle will harden you up - but if the problem persists, you might need to make a change.


Do your research though - plenty of options out there...

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Ditto on the creams - most decent LBS's will sell "their" preferred saddle/chamois cream - get yourself some, they can work miracles....


Also - make sure that your riding shorts/bib-shorts aren't the cause of the problem!

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