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  1. Seems the last time I posted/visited here, was sometime back in 2017. Which is like a decade after signing up to this site (as it was then). And whilst I am still cycling on bike's that look like they have walked straight out of the late 1990s, let's just say I haven't been doing it seriously, or following along on much that has been happening in the world of mountain biking... Now the wife has started making noises about wanting a bike. And the young'un needs an bigger one soonish – so dawdled into the Specialised shop in Paarl earlier. Wow. Like seriously. Wow. I knew e-bikes were now a thing. But Bluetooth enabled dérailleurs, sans cables? And that 1 blade front, 9-12 back was now the default? Helmets that call home when you meet the earth-maker? And don't get me started on the new(?) options ito brakes, shifters, mech families... Yowzers. And then, of course, there's my having to potentially take out a second bond on the house, to get anything new, big and shiny! ???? Looks like I might need to start spending some time hanging around here again, just to get up to speed again. Fortunately, I now look the part of an aging, overweight office-yokel who's swing is too k@K, so he's now looking at getting into the golf-replacement – so there really is a low bar in terms of patience on the part of the sales people/shop assistants... But ja – bit of a nothing post, but just felt compelled to pop this up. Happy riding all.
  2. Cannot believe my 2nd post in years is over here, about this. Your smile will be lighting up wherever you are now. We were all truly blessed to have known you, in some manner or form. Ride on. Ride on, you beautiful soul.
  3. All the best Tumbles! Fight this - day by day - fight!!
  4. Thanks – I managed to make a plan.
  5. Did I miss something in the 2nd video? He approached the car with an empty clip? Was he going to throw it at the suspect? Edit: Ja – missed something, the [sarcasm] font. Should've watched 1st video first... Wow. Training is strong in these ones.
  6. Holy cow sheep! That is a thing of beauty – may the smile never leave your face on all the journeys you shall take with it! Well worth the wait, clearly! Ps – might have missed it earlier – what saddle is that?
  7. Lumbar radiculopathy here... same thing, I think. Childhood injury - pinched nerve at the disc, shooting nerve pains down into the foot - made worse by vibrations, prolonged seating etc... Basically - my riding is stuffed... Operation if the physio doesn't work - and it's not... Going to try pilates next - apparently a good instructor nearby, that will do a proper assessment first. It sucks, can't even run anymore - vibrations sees my leg cave. But so be it, for now.
  8. Sadly not. But a beaut, nonetheless.
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