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5 ways your Nokia Nseries can help you feel like a pro cyclist


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What’s 3600 kilometres long, lasts 3 weeks and climaxes in Paris? You’ve guessed it: Tour de France, the world’s greatest bike race. If you’ve been watching the cyclists going for it on TV, you’re likely to be in awe of their athleticism. We sure are, but rather than feel inadequate, we’ve discovered 5 ways our Nseries can help us. Yes, you can recreate the buzz of being one of these lycra clad madmen without venturing anywhere near France. Get ready for starters orders!


1. Follow your own course


We’re not suggesting you do 3600 kilometres, but with Ovi Maps you can plan the perfect route before you even leave home. Add to that the ability to check out the world in 3D, collect your favourite places and get directed by voice guided navigation and you’ll see why Ovi Maps makes the perfect companion to every cycle trip.


2. Keep fitter


To race up mountains, pro cyclists need to be some of the world’s fittest people. Though you’re unlikely to follow them unless you train like a maniac, withVeloComputer you can learn how biking can keep you in tip top shape. This app turns your device into an advanced cycling computer with cadence and GPS tracking. Just strap your phone to your thigh with a sports holder and you’ll get cadence from the built-in accelerometer. It also provides GPS provides speed, distance, altitude and location information.


3. Hit the hills


The total elevation of Tour de France has been compared to climbing three Mount Everests. We’re not pushing you to do the same, but if you want to hit some hills,ViewRanger GPS is the ideal app. This cool mapping application has a panorama mode, which allows you to spot the big hills and gradients in 3D. While going up is always a struggle, going down is a blast.


4. Get cheered up


When you’re cycling for 3600 miles you need all the encouragement you can get. The Tour de France is lined with applauding spectators. Your bike ride probably won’t create as much enthusiasm amongst the locals, but why not get hold of aNokia Stereo Headset and crank up the tunes. You’ll be surprised how much those pumping beats spur you on.


5. Recharge your battery


It was once said in the New York Times that the Tour is like “running a marathon several days a week for nearly three weeks”. Clearly the competitors need to recharge their batteries, but as they can’t stop for lunch, they eat as they ride. Fortunately, thanks to our Nokia brainboxes, you can also recharge your batteries as you ride. Your Nokia Nseries batteries! The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit uses pedal power to charge your phone for free, while you cycle. It starts working at walking speed (6 km/h) and stops when you hit 50 km/h.


While none of these things will gain you a prestigious yellow jersey or a victorious lap down the Champs-Élysées, we hope they’ll help make your bike ride a tour de force.


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