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  1. I've got 2 other cars. its just the hassle of having to pack the bike every time I want a ride isn't much fun
  2. fandacious

    I'm out

    It's been a great ride. I've done 10 argus cycle tours (some fast, some slow), hundreds of PPA races, met some amazing people over the years, and developed a passion for endurance sport that will be with me for the rest of my life. on the weekend I realised that is has been 3 years since I have even been on a bicycle. I'm no longer able to ride from home - I have to pack the bike in the car to go ride, and that's hella impractical. I've taken up running instead (can't be sitting around doing nothing) and one day I hope to be able to get back on a bike. see y'all some day
  3. Congrats to Matt & Lindsey on tying the knot on Saturday 8 Feb. I'm sure everyone here will join me in wishing you only the best for the future
  4. I can confirm that it sounds absolutely mad - the supercharged v8 with active exhausts is mind blowing
  5. I bought this bad boy 4 months ago. Its a hell of a lot more fun than cycling
  6. Maybe I should post Brandon’s number here and everyone can tell him what they think of him
  7. So how did everyones CTM go? I wasnt quite used to the long distance (and only started training 8 weeks prior). I manage to squeak out a 3h40. I was really pushing for a 3h30 but the wheels came off at 30km On the plus side I managed a new PB at gun run yesterday. Ran a 1h33 half marathon. Hopefully i'll be getting a sub 1h30 soon
  8. It looks like they let him dig himself nice and deep “he will be stripped of all his titles from June 16, 2015 and will have to return all prize money, prizes and medals gained since that date.”
  9. don't be obtuse everyone is just out to get CF. even lab techs
  10. 1) CF was using his inhaler daily, and he was tested daily, yet only ONE day showed these values 2) So your reason is its the lab tech's fault, and cf couldnt possibly have cheated. pan y agua? none so blind as those who dont want to see
  11. Yeah its funny how many TOP winning professional sportspeople have asthma. strange that the midranked sportspeople dont seem to suffer from asthma tho...
  12. sure - but then one would reasonably assume that with ACUTE ASTHMA you shouldnt be winning grand tours, right?
  13. media et al is focusing on wrong thing here. salbutomol is a masking agent. they should be asking what is he masking, not why is he taking asthma meds
  14. btw, the team sky report says chronic asthma, but the excuse in the press is acute asthma. which one is it?
  15. *ACUTE ASTHMA* but still manages to ride a bike? pull the other one
  16. Who’s the storck **** that threw a punch. I have no problem going to pay him a visit
  17. Mine as well. But if everyone’s is a minute out it doesn’t matter
  18. After this morning I’m barely around. I’m too unfit to being doing stupid things like Riding 100km races with no training ????
  19. My last mtb accident cost my medical aid 500k.
  20. That was the 2a crash. We were belting downhill towards the bridge in pissing rain and some rocket scientist at the front dropped anchors. Road bikes don’t stop in the wet. It was NASTY. I honestly don’t know how I missed the bikes everywhere. Riders ALL around hit the deck at 60km/h
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