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Frame Protection


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Does anyone know who stock the Lizard Skins Headset Cover locally?


Also interested in those cable "routers" - little plastic thingamajigs that you glue on to the frame to route the cables away from areas where it rubs the frame. It uses double sided tape I think.


As you can probably deduce I am in the market for frame protection against cable rub. Thinking of getting the Lizard Skin headset cover, because 2 cables in front rubs nicely there. Pretty soon it will be groovy.

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I recently bought the lizard headset covers from crc, and it's a really tight fit around my carbon frame. Feels like it will restrict my steering, so just a headsup.


Haven't taken a test ride though

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Buy yourself a strip of BBB Tubeskin. It is a clear rubber like sticker that can easily be cut to the size you require. I have a circle cutter so I cut some circles the size of a 50c coin and stuck them up everywhere. You can also add some BBB Cable wraps to the housing. Just make sure you get eh right size. 4mm for gears and 5mm for brakes.





Cable Wraps


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