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SB Saturn Upgrades


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Hey guys


I'm still very new to the sport, so I decided to buy the Silverback Saturn about 2 months ago, to see if MTB'ing is for me.


But what I want to know now, is that I want to upgrade my bike a bit. But is it worth upgrading the bike and if so, what is the most important upgrades to go for first?

I've already upgraded my tyres when I bought the bike, to Maxxis Monorails UST. (I'm still thinking of changing my back tyre, as the monorail doesn't give me enough grip)


(Check the attached image for bike specs)

post-15991-087891100 1281512836.jpg

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Upgrading the saturtn is difficult be careful you dont spend to much on the bike... Dont spend more than you paid for it, and if you do, try to keep the original parts so that you can put them back on the bike when you decide to sell it for a new bike or frame... note i said WHEN... you Will eventually want to upgrade with a new frame and saving the old parts means you can sell the old bike and start building up a dream bike... but to the topic.. if i were you id start with the heaviest parts!


eg: Wheels, Crank, Seatpost, Seat , Handlebars etc in that order... Mavic makes some nice Crossride wheels, they weigh less and have sealed bearings, the cost bout R2500, then try installing an hollowtech 2 crank. Deore ones cost roughly R990, installation will differ, make sure the face the frame, otherwise your new bearings will be shot pretty soon! the rest you can just upgrade as you go on!


Happy Riding!

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By the way... i forgot to mention the fork... SR SUntour makes a pretty decent air shock for cheap.. bout R1800 the epicon or raidon.... id upgrade that after wheels and crank! youll have a pretty decent Saturn then!

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