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Don't buy FSA carbon cranks!!!!

no calves

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Hi Guys


Sorry to pick this up so late but as someone correctly stated, we are very new to the distribution of FSA. FSA has recognised a production problem with a few of their MTB carbon cranks but it has been corrected and warranties will be honoured. You can send your warranty enquiries to grant@intltrade.co.za and we will sort them out as soon as we can (please be a little patient as we are getting our first orders in this week only).


FSA carbon cranks are used by some of the biggest names in the business and I promise that they are top. On the road they were used by Cofodis, Designa, Guerciotti, ISD and Kona. MTB teams that used the carbon cranks include Focus, Fulldynamix, Multivan Merida (Hermida) and Bianchi. The list goes on and while I understand that a team using a product does not make it good, it certainly does seem to indicate that there is trust in FSA to sort it out if it goes wrong which they did.


Please don't hesitate to get hold of me if you have any FSA issues. We are keen to sort it out and rebuild the brand to where it should be.






Deer minter Grant.


Will you be so kind to sort out my rear wheel that has been laying around there since after the argus. i do need it for Student champs. all i have gotten from your people is evasive answers and only after i contacted them via weekly email since MIDDLE MARCH. i do not want to take severe action.


Kind regards Francois.


P.S. Jason is the one who is handling my matter( trying to handle my matter)

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