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  1. Morning Anybody used their upgrade kit before? They seem to have a solution to make my 1x11 Force1 into 1x12 and use a gx derailer. a mechanical mullet setup. just want ot get feedback before n buy and ship this side
  2. Big guy here. Heavy sweater aswell. The ciovita DriRelease is my go to. It has a solid strand of yarn running the full lenth of the garmet so it spreads the sweat evenly for evaporation. I can confirm that NO it is not hotter with a base layer and YES the spreading of moisture for evaporation does help cool you down. Even in 40 degree summer days i dont leave home without it.
  3. Morning. Any comparison between the Breville Barista Express and Kenwood Manual Espresso Machine? Both look very similar in design and features but the Kenwood is quite cheaper. Regards
  4. Just tell him you are also on a rig and the bike is currently in the Gym room. he should swim over and collect it...
  5. What does truecaller say about the number? Agrico is an irrigation supplies company so he is using their name aswell..
  6. Mine started giving me issues 2 weeks ago. Incline is up to sh@t. Going uphill and then it suddenly reads -14%
  7. so just a few opinions here Milking balm/Speen salf: works fine but disappears to quickly. might be to runny in consistency thats why... cows were never meant to be milked for hours. Biogen: Next best thing after milking balm but i am 99% sure it is just rebranded milking balm.. at best just added an antibacterial ingredient to pure milking balm, hence the price. Ass magic: my go to, i even apply for an hour indoor session. Squirt: was given a few sample backs of it but it was so stiff i had to kneed it warm like wondergom to apply it. kind of felt like waxing wax going on.. not a pleasant thought. Assos: used to smell quite minty a few years ago? also was quite cooling tingly when applied which suggested eucalyptus in it?
  8. It was a hard few weeks with the Old Hermon, Race2theSea and Boland Gravel Monster. Wat was really alarming was that 3 waterpoints was manned by the same guys, they kept leapfrogging us on the road, so if the faster guys had waterpoints i dont know. I finished close to the back but by no means last and almost 2 hours from cutoff. when I finished they was not even a bear... the portaloos was already loaded and on its way out(truck broke down just outside the estate but still.. The coffee truck was not up and running at start time... It was completely the opposite for the Old hermon at the same venue just 3 weeks prior
  9. Judging by how the farm looks(Saron) anywhere it drains it will be fine but any low lying areas is a mud fest
  10. Thanks for the tongue in cheek reply.... I think the 1.3 was down to more than 1 factor. 1: have not done a FTP test in a few weeks. 2: way overexerted myself on the first hour 3 My garmin did want to update my FTP after the ride by a fair bit. The message i was trying to convey in my "race report" was that a PM can be more that just a training tool. Its also a pacing tool and a means as to "predict" how you will feel down the line based on current data. as for RPE... my body type is already a 10 on the RPE scale and that's just when standing still. So i really need to do number watching to get to the finish not hammered. I did old hermon on the mtb also with a PM and tried to keep things to 2.5w/kg up Bainskloof as i was coming off a sick spell. on a RPE scale it felt like an 8, but the watts was within range so i finished with some left in the talk.
  11. Just my 2c I am 107kg.. so i dont race but i do train. I am no tech or number geek. I have a PM on al 3 my bikes, Gravel, Road and mtb. I find that its the only way i can get comparable data over all 3 bikes ASWELL as from my indoor trainer. Being heavier i do rely on power a lot as to not over exert myself on races. On the race to the sea I had a IF of 1.3 at WP1, 0.97 at WP2. at WP3 i told my wife somewhere i am going to pop as this was not sustainable, low and behold 10km after WP3 i popped so hard i had to walk anything over 8% gradient the rest of the way. Iff i did not have a powermeter i would have assumed i am flying the first 80km and probably blamed my pop on eating or something else, but i had the data infront of me telling me whats happening the whole time. Structured training is also the only way to go and then you will need a powermeter. Iff you have anymore questions drop me a message. would gladly tell you how PLEBS incorportate powermeters into my daily cycling life.
  12. Looks like a wet one. Fingers crossed the rain blows out to Monday
  13. Thank you. Makes it a lot easier carrieng only 4 hours of drink mix and then taking another 4 from her. And iff its wet, a change of clothes
  14. At WP3 at the tech zone are we all9wed to take on food from a spouse??? No outside asstistance is allowed except from WP3 tech zone.
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