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  1. The pricing makes buying almost cheaper. for R6000 you are stepping into kickr snap and magnus M2 range
  2. Olbas oil is also used to open up the airways
  3. Training rides just got a whole lot more expensive!!! im on the heavy side (108kg) so very much traying for the calorie deficit but its a fine line then between calorie deficit and bonking. Most weekday rides are on the IDT after a day on the farm.
  4. So feeding for that would be 2x bottles at 700kJ ea with a bar and a gel for instance?
  5. Ok so as far as my knowledge goes as soon as you use a PM you ger your expenditure more accurately because its derived from HR. my question is in the picture below. do i still need to x4 that number to EAT/Drink for or is that = kJ??
  6. Been cycling for numerous years so not new to the energy expenditure on my garmin. After a race last week someone told me i should take the calorie count on my garmin and x4 it for kJ (because drinks bars and gels have kJ listed on them) I was under the assumption that our devices display a reading in Calories but that figure translates directly into kJ?? The question is thus do i change my garmin to kJ (530 has the option) but what about the garmin app, strava etc? i just want workalbe data without having to convert in my head the whole time
  7. Just measure your hand width when holding onto the handlebar. you cut your grip at that length and shifter sits inwards of that. so in order to shift you just move your hand onto the shifter. never hand an accidental shift in my life. also Extra chunky grips are identical in thickness as the shifter so no need to use the grips provided with the shifter. Will post a picture of mine when I get home.
  8. Love mine. the ability to shift almost the whole cassette range when a hill suddenly appears around a corner is very helpful. and with the new twistlock that works like gripshift but for lockout you cant get a cleaner cockpit.
  9. Hi Use to have a Powertap Joule where the backlight would come on by itself based on a sunset/sunrise time determined by gps. Recently bought an edge 530. I see the device has a daytime/nightime mode where the background would be light in daytime and black in nightime. My question is: does the edge have a function where the backlight would come on whenever it changes to night mode?. Auto brightness only adjusts the brightness when a button is pressed before it goes of at the set time.
  10. yes. gradual climb. dont know the ondition of the road but iff you get a nice line you can "gooi". also get the wrong line and you might get a puncture. id suggest iff you are in a bunch try and move up when you pass penhill and you need to be in position when you go past leipzig cellar. 100m after that the dirt road starts
  11. @Cheabb78 oh dear. the whole reason i got it was because of power on the road and the smart trainer. just made more sense to have the same set of data then for the mtb aswell
  12. oh FFS.. Just bought a 130 plus for the missus and a 530 for myself. Then again i'm on my 3rd fenix and my brother also on his 3rd. funny how they kept failing just out of warranty and then we had to pay "half" for a new one. eventually told the guy its BS iff they expect me to almost yearly pay half of a new unit. on the other hand... Leatherman used to replace your unit iff you sent it in for a service. now you have to pay R150 just to get a blade sharpened. something to do with a business model that they cant sustain anymore and that we as saffas got to be knows as abusers of our leathermans..... BLAH BLAH BLAH
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