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Which MTB frame.?


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I'm not much of an MTB-er but ocassionally take my Schwinn Mesa out on the trails.

I think the size/geometry may not be right (or maybe I just don't ride it enough)... feels like the saddle is in the wrong place, like I'm falling off back.,!

I'm +- 1.75m with an inseam of 79cm.

It's a 17" frame.

Opinions on frame size.?

My road bikes tend to be small/medium.


I'm thinking of changing the frame.

Nothing suitable on the Hub at the moment but I've beek looking at the following:

1. Bianchi Mutt 7800

2. Sintesi 7 Teen

Any opinions/experience on these.?



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No your size should be around the 17" range. First thing i do on my MTB is bring the saddle as far forward on the rails as it possibly can, and then go for a ride till you get uncomfortable and inch it back .5cm at a time till you your tired but feeling comfortable.


Also i make sure my seat hight is right by simply sitting on the bike and lifting the saddle till i can extend my leg fully with my heal on the pedal. If i clip in with the balls of my feet it makes the perfect angle.

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Thanks for the feedback Covie.

I can't think that I should be on a bigger bike.

I probably should just spend a bit more time on the mtb and get used to it ... and maybe not make direct comparisons to my road experiences.

I'll move the saddle around as you suggested too and see if that makes a difference.

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forgot to mention make sure your saddle is level to start off with, and then tilt it slightly upwards a couple of MM till your comfortable.


maybe I'm just full of crap but after about a month of toying with my saddle position I am finally comfy on the bike.

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You are about my size - I seem to always find myself with a 17" (18" tends to feel a wee bit too big).


The Schwinn mesa is quite a small bike, more like the average 16". My wife is only 1.49 and except for top tube height (then not even by much) she comfortably rides a 17" mesa.


Might be selling my Specialized s-works M5 HT (17") soon.

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My inseam is 81cm, I'm 1.72m, finger tips to elbow 45cm.


I've been on everything, even a 19" with setback post and 110mm stem. Then rode a 17" Raleigh RM 7 with 110mm stem and setback post for some time.

Then a 16" carbon hardtail with 110mm stem and straight seatpost for quite some time.


Now I'm on a XS 14.7" Giant Anthem X with setback post and 80mm stem. (Using a 400mm KCNC post, not even at the max mark)


The best fit I've ever had. Just finished Trans Baviaans on it and my first Trans in 5 that I finish with NO body and backpain, or shoulder/neck pain.


That's what works for me.

post-3074-062432600 1282035093_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I think my comfort reference relates to my road set-up - maybe I shoud refrain from making this comparison.

Is it safe to say that the two set-ups are/can be very different.?

I'm beginning realise that my biggest problem is not allowing myself enough time to "acclimatise" to the mtb.

Myabe I should just ride the mtb more.!

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