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  1. Off the top of my head Jamie Penfold, Michaela Beaton, and I'm sure there are a couple others.
  2. Its not really neglect, its a working farm, and with all the fire and wind causing havoc I am pretty sure they can be forgiven fixes the parts of the farm that actually bring them an income. they will get to the trails when the rest is sorted, I am pretty sure. Otherwise why not contact them and go help him out to clear trails I am sure he can use the manpower.
  3. Good day ladies and gents and fellow MTB freaks, Fritz flew down this week to meet with the TMTBC committee. After a very productive session we ironed out whatever kinks there were and the event will go over our trails.
  4. Only crime ever reported was a smash and grab in the hoogekraal parking lot from a parked vehicle.
  5. That is because bottelary is a conservancy not a club, its members have no voting rights or say on anything, nor do they pay land access because the conservancy was set up by the actual landowners. So they don't have any land access costs which also means they can drop their fees pro rata as their expenses aren't costed per member regardless of when in the year they join up. Simple fact its the models differ and all the clubs models change as land owners come on-board or withdraw for whatever reason.
  6. Majik has two sides, the majik forest side and the Bloemendal farm side, Majik is free to anyone, Bloemendal you may only ride if you are a club member. And club members are allowed to park at the Protea Hotel as well as get discount upon displaying their membership card.
  7. Same applies for Hillcrest and bloemendal, land owner requirement, not the clubs call.
  8. Hi guys this horse has been beaten to death, but a previous post is quite right, the corridors being members only is because of land owner requests and is not a club decision. They want only members going through the corridors and that is the way it will stay in the foreseeable future. And yes the club tried the deposited board suggestion but got turned down. At R525 for a year membership being steep, bottelary is R450 per month with about 1/30th of the single track to build and maintain that Tygeberg has to do. So no for the cost of basically a single race fee you can ride 60+km of singletrack for an entire year. So no, in relation to any other trail network its a absolute bargain. As for associations with other trail networks/clubs this has been tried many many times in the past, and for various reasons isn't feasible. Even though agreed, it would be nice. So I get where everyone is coming from, but alas I have my Tygerberg membership, i have my botthills membership and i have my jonkers permits. I get value out of riding every single one of those networks so I pay the people that put the blood sweat and tears into making the trails available, Its expensive and hard work to build and maintain trails and that's why every network deserves my contribution. Even if i only ride botthills about 3 times a year. They are still doing good work and expanding as they get more funds.
  9. am i the only guy carrying 2 sets of cycling clothing?
  10. covie

    Fork fun

    Might also be that one of the chambers inside has a leak, probably the + take it to Jaco at the bike shed, its about R350 for a service.
  11. Just go to the police station and lay a charge of theft against the seller, you paid for goods at an agreed price, the sale is finalized. If he doesnt delivery its a simple case of theft, no need to go spend money on a lawyer.
  12. yup the only difference is wheight, wheight weeny lids are super expensive, then breathing (vents) are important, and lastly depending on what type of riding lids like the fox flux that are more trail orientated I would recommend for XC as it protects the back of the head better. Last thing is comfort and padding. The more expensive lids have better padding, but I always cycle with a buff so i never feel the diff between my expensive and cheaper lids.
  13. What still grates me the most are parents who send their kids to school on bikes in peak traffic with no lids, and the schools that allow kids to pitch up without lids. Adults without helmets i couldn't care less about they have been depriving this planet of oxygen and food sources long enough.
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