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Night Riders


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I commute between Stellenbosch and Durbanville mostly between 6pm and 7pm, and in the last few weeks, it is still relatively dark.


First of all the nigh riders from CWC on Wednesday looks awesome, looks like a plane coming in to land, with all the lights, looks like tons of fun and well organised.


But for all the good there is always the bad side as well, and I would hate to read about riders getting taken out at night, but we have a few Darwin Award nominees in our cycling community. On Monday night saw 2 riders riding from Stellenbosch direction N1, no lights, its dusk and trucks and whatever pulling into the yellow line, super dangerous. The second genius, thought it appropriate to wear his full black winter kit (remember no lights), I thought I was passing batman (black tights, black jacket, no reflectors).


Then again last night saw a few daredevils, but standing out again is people leaving Durbanville to Silos with no lights about 5 minutes behind the CWC group.


Let’s think about what we are doing and keep safe out there.


I started talking to Signup on getting some signs up in the Durbanville area, post to follow.

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