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On Saturday we meet at the Edgemead Community Centre at 07h00 for a club ride , where we will again cater for a slow, novice group (around Monte Vista and Edgemead, including a loop in Burgundy at a leisurely pace), and the short and long group riders will go out together, and stay together until Duynefontein, where the short group turns back and the long group continues to Atlantis.

On Sunday we meet at the BP Letchworth Service Station at 07h00 for a ride out to Stellenbosch over Polkadraai, returning via Joostenberg and Phesantekraal, over Tickiedraai. Everybody starts together, and the pace will be higher than Saturday, but we will cater for those that find the pace too high, by splitting the group at that point, and have the slower group ride in together.

For the MTB riders, there are planned rides, starting from the same points, at the same times as the road club rides.


Non club members are welcome to join our club ride but just remember, wear your helmet and the group obeys red traffic lights.

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Sat - The weather wasn't promising and we had a group split between roadies and mtb'ers who are training for k2c.

1 brave novice arrived, it was her 1st time on a road bike. it takes a lot of guts to join up with a club training ride, we appointed one of our more experienced riders to look after her and off we set into the northwind. the mtb'ers did a loop of Koeberg while the roadies did a loop of Duinefontein.with rain setting in the roadies decided to head back to Edgemead. the mtb'ers weren't so lucky and bore the brunt of the cold and rain.

Sun - a large group set off for Stel'bos via Polka, then it was thru the town and down to the 4 way Dur'ville. the back of Tiekie is never pleasant with 80 k's on the clock. got back Edge at about 10.15 for the usual coffee and biscuits. pity the Wild Bean special is finished. a good tempo ride.

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Weekend rides 4 & 5 September

On Saturday we will meet at the Edgemead Community Centre next to the sportsfields at 07h00.

We will cater for a novice/slow group, and 2 longer distance groups.

The novice/slow group will ride around MonteVista, Edgemead and Burgundy Estate

The two other groups will start together, and ride to the Dairy at Malanshoogte (regroup at the top of Malanshoogte). On the return leg the shorter distance group turn Right at Tygervalley Road and return via Burgundy Estate, while the longer distance group turn left and go over Tiekiedraai and return via 12th avenue past the Parow Golf course.


On Sunday we meet at the BP Letchworth Service Station next to the Edgemead shopping Centre at 07h00

Please bear in mind that we will use the Sunday rides from this weekend for preparation for the Double Century teams.

In order to facilitate the team members getting used to riding together, (and to cater for the different pace of the teams) I suggest that the teams ride the same routes, but split the teams, so that we have individual teams riding together, and not just one big group, as we know from experience that this does not work. In this way we can encourage team pacelining techniques, as well as allowing team dynamics to develop.

The route will be over Tickie, through Durbanville to the 4 way stop past Phesantekraal. Proceed over the 4way, turn left at the T junction R44 and continue to Windmeul. Turn left and continue to the R302.Turn left and continue to Silos. Turn right and pass the Silos,turn right onto the R304 and turn left onto VanSchoorsdrift road and left onto the N7. Turn left off the N7 and onto Contermanskloof and return via Burgundy Estate. Distance is about 115 Km


newcomers welcome on both days

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On Saturday 11th The club meets at the Edgemead Community Centre in Edgemead drive, next to the sportsfields at 07h00

The Saturday ride is a Club ride at a pace that all riders can maintain comfortably. It is not a hard training ride.

We will cater for a novice group, to be led by an experienced rider, as well as a short distance group (to save the legs of those racing on Sunday) and a slightly longer distance group.

The route will be from Edgemead, through Burgundy Estate, where the novice group will split off and ride the circuit in Burgundy. The rest of the group will turn right into Tygervalley road and then left into Contermanskloof road, over the 4way stop to the dairy at the bottom of Malanshoogte. We will regroup at the top of Malanshoogte to ensure that everybody is together. On the return leg, the shorter distance riders turn right at the T junction at Tygervalley road and return via Burgundy estate (the distance is about 38 Km)

The longer distance riders will turn left onto Tygervalley road and go over Tiekiedraai into Durbanville, and return via 13th avenue and the Parow Golf Club. The distance is about 54 Km. A longer loop around Durbanville is optional


The MTB “Dirty boys and girls” intend riding out from Edgemead to Koeberg for a lap of the reserve and back to Edgemead on Saturday as final preparation for the K2C race. Contact Jennifer or Victor


On Sunday 12th the club meets at the BP Letchworth Service Station next to the Edgemead Shopping Centre at 07h00

If you are driving down to the service station at the start, please park in the tarred parking area outside the service station so as not to disrupt customers of the Wild Bean Cafe. Butch has been very accommodating to our needs after our rides, and it is unfair to take up all the parking as well ! Your assistance in this matter is much appreciated.

The Sunday ride is longer and at a slightly higher pace, however nobody will be left to struggle on their own. If you are battling with the pace, please let someone know. It is not a problem to split the group and allow the stronger riders to ride at a higher pace, while the slower group follows at a slightly reduced pace. Often a rider will recover at this pace, and sometimes the two groups can merge again.

The route will be out to Stellenbosch, over Polkadraai, part of the way up Hellshoogte, and returning via the R44. Turn left onto Bottelary rd and return via Stikland and 12th Avenue.The distance is about 80 Km

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