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Heyes 9 and Shimano Deore disk breaks questions


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Hey guys


For those who don't have time to reed everything else I am going to say I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the stopping power of shimano Deor disk breaks vs the heyes 9 breaks.


I have just bought a down hill bike off this forum. Anyway it has a hayes 9 front break and a shimano deore rear break. The problem is that I have always ridden bicycles with the front break on the right, to me this makes sense as I have much more control with my right hand and this is the way my motorbike is set up.


I want to swap the breaks around. The heys 9 break leaver is symetrical so it can easily be swopped to the correct side. Unfortunately the Shimano Deor break has the resivor sticking out the top and, not to surprisingly, does not work properly when it is flipped over.


As far as I can see I have two options.

1)I could use the heys 9 break as the the back break. This would require me buying more hydraulic housing and bleeding the breaks. I would then shorten the Shimano Deore hydraulic housing and fit the shimano break in front.


2)The other option I could think of would be to buy a new left handed Shimano Deore, or equivalent, leaver, fit it and bleed the whole system. I am assuming this would work out quite a bit more expensive though but would keep the hayes 9 break in front.


As mentioned previousely I was wondering if anyone could comment on the stopping power of these two breaks? Is it worth the extra hassle to keep the Hayes 9 in front?


Also if you want to swap/sell a left handed break leaver for a right handed shimano deore, 2006, leaver contact me.

If you have any other suggestions please let me know.


Tanks guys, the advice will be appreciated.

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