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Where has your bike taken you today?


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I love to just get on the bike and head out.
I am amazed at where my bike takes me - I will start with the first pic taken with my cellphone whilst riding in the Hans Merensky nature reserve.
Please share your photos with us.


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Mine has taken me up Execution Rock Swaziland, long steap uphill then climb to top of mountain with MTB



That climb was obviously not long / steep enough!

Nice one :)

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At this stage mine's just getting me to work and back - 72Km - although today I did take a detour to the MTN cycle park after work on the way home for a quick hour of fun.


That is a serious commute!

Hope you can take some leave.

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Here, to the nice single track heaven....



Looks awesome. My Trance was a fantastic bike.

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My brand new bike got a weather enforced sleep in this am.... and tomorrow again with Christmas. So boxing day it will have to be.... where to, will just have to see!

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Didnt take any pic's though i should have, went up the left side of jonkers all the way to the top of the mountaiin eventually riding straight into the clouds that caused this fabulous myst and waterpray everytime I went through a overgrown section, was beautifull.


then decided to do the downhill section on my XC bike just to scare me awake out of wonderland.

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