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Which Fox Fork


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Hey Gents Im getting a tapered headset 100mm frame and want to get a new fork while theres such bargains on these at CRC. My Front hub converts to a 15mm throughaxle/Qr vibe so I dont have to change anything.


F100RL or F120 RL with remote lockout at 300bucks extra.


Ive been riding a RS Revelation Air U-turn, so have had travel adjust for the last 2 years, Now I cant decide which travel to go for.


120mm Is to long for a 100mm frame I know, but can one adjust these back to 100mm with adding a spacer like you can with reba's? Or is it one lenth forever?


Also, Im a little reluctant to go back to Fox. My RS was so tough I dont even think about blowing seals etc. My last Fox's (2005) F100R went through seals like a baby through dypers. I see MBUK give them 4.5 and 5/5 which Means performance is awsome, but for how long?

I do ride Tokai every now and then and I dont want to have to slow down or not hit the drops for my bike sakes (although my frames capabilities might determine that.)


Please give my your experiances onboard Fox's

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