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  1. Can't make it this year. Goodluck with the event @Christofison and enjoy it gents.
  2. I hope you have a proper casette and not a DH thing because you'll walk the whole way if that's the case. You can also head up as you go to Red Phoenix and you'll actually cross the DH between the Tom and middle sections. The climb up to that point is not to bad. Drop in from there and do the bottom two sections as the top is really just straight lining single-track and nothing to exciting. From the bottom you can go back to the gate and do it all over again, back to the top of DH2 you can either continue taking the next left and then another left( you'll be walking as they are steep) or walk up from the crossing. The Plumber might also be fun on a DH bike.
  3. Thanks for the quick response @Matt the second one is what Im looking for
  4. Hi Guys, Im trying to send a pm to a fellow hubber. But for the life of me, I cant do it. It seems someone on here had a similar problem? When I go to messages on my profile, it only shows an archive of my old chats. but starting a new chat, to a fellow hubber seems impossible? Maybe I'm to old for this @Matt please help!
  5. I felt like I was pinning it through these last berms on Zululand, but this pic of Dane.. F@rk..! Suddenly I know why I was struggling to engage those side knobs on my DHF because I sure as heck was not leaning like this!! I gave my bike "the look" this morning when walking through the garage.. Man, I'm keen! Looking at the detailed results, thanks IRIDE, Im blown away by the skill coming through the ranks. The future of the sport is in good hands! Comparing times of Youth + Sub Junior men to Elete men + Masters.. there's nothing in it! Times are pretty close when comparing 5th, 10th, 15th spots.
  6. @iRideYou don't miss a thing hey☺️ Thanks for the massive effort. I know there were lots of guys that made this come together, but we cant race without timing. So cheers to you two.🍻
  7. Look, This could spark a whole big thing, which is not my intent. Its just an example. I think the formatting with color scales is a nice touch. I was just wondering if there was another results sheet released. I'm sure we could ask Dan for it. With regards to the e-bikes, I'm just going to let it rest as I don't want to take away from a great event and start a side track about e-bikes vs acoustics. 🍻 Cheers
  8. Yes, I've seen that, thank you But there so many cats mixes together It would be nice If one knew what they were. For instance, Ebikes, love them or hate them should they be in the same overall results? In the passed they uploaded a spreadsheet for all to download, with stage times etc just wondered if anyone has seen something. I am still blown away by guys like Johan Van Zyl who ended up 14th, beat me by more than a minute. Wonder how well he even knew the tracks. 4 inches. light bike, sure, fit heck yes, but skills by the buckets as well. Luke Moir, had a flat which cost him a lot of time, but he was also on a 120mm bike. However, not on paper thin XC tires. Photo curtesy of off Bike network
  9. PS, has anyone seen a spreadsheet style result list From Sunday anywhere. Its hard to make out who raced in what cat?
  10. I had forgotten to put my goggles on on Red Phoenix, realized that about 5 seconds into the stage! Since there's nowhere to take your hands off the bars on an enduro stage that little climb was my only option! So I popped my seat up right about there, and pulled them Goggles down - smudging my vision nicely in the process. Perhaps that was the secret 😁.From there on It was back to party mode, but bikes and slower riders scattered all the way down the trail, must have passed about 7 guys. Most moved out the way reasonably quickly.
  11. I think in these forums there can be great value added, but also just a bunch of opinions to confuse people. So I thought I'd share my experience from the race on here having had strava PR's on every stage, the clock cant be wrong. As you know from threads, I've been puzzling with tires before Jonkers EWC. After getting my Manitou Mezzer and getting that dialed, I've definitely been hitting things harder/faster with the gained confidence, perhaps reaching the limit of my existing equipment faster, which led to a couple of upgrades but also lots of fine tuning. I thoroughly enjoyed the EWC race yesterday and the feeling riding a dialed bike, by the last stage I was riding lines I would usually not have even noticed, and staying off the brakes much longer. I felt the extra confidence and resulting speed from my upgrades which was really satisfying. I got the Manitou Mezzer first, then upgraded to Shimano 4 pot brakes, then got the Assegai up front. The brakes was a surprise to me, as I was a die hard shimano 2 pot user, but the milliseconds you slow down faster with more power before turns lets you get off the brakes faster, you time the turns better and the bike behaves better when you're not braking= more exit speed...and it snowballs. I was tempted to convert my fork to 170mm just for Plumber really and because I could, but decided it was to much effort and added a 5mm headset spacer and upped my Mezzer IRT pressure by 6 PSI(its a air chamber in stead of volume spacers). The 6PSI in the IRT made the fork ride higher, on the steep stuff and in big holes between rocks. It was another case where firmer can end up feeling better as one rides the mid-stroke and not the end ramp. The slightly higher front end was also noticed although negatively so on Irish. The Assegai has more outright grip than the DHF, and while we don't always need it, I went for the slightly in-between option of the Assegai 2.5WT Maxx Terra, which I didn't find to slow rolling so far. The DHF's little release moment is just not confidence inspiring and as I realized again yesterday, confidence unlocks the next level. I was "no-braking" lots of turns, which may have been possible with the DHF, but I just didn't have the confidence to go for it. I get a buzz when these puzzling's pay off and one can actually improve your riding, even at my Ballie age.
  12. Nooo you are crazy.. or were you on an ebike? πŸ˜‰I did not want any more riding after that thank you. I honestly felt that was the right amount of hurting for me.
  13. Sick day out Philip ! Hats off to you and all the guys that make these things happen. Actually like more than 10 people doing a lot behind the scenes. I started the day without my wingman but after 500m I was having a great time with a bunch of new friends ☺ Stoked to have made it down plumber without a dab πŸ™Œ and somehow got PR's on about all the stages. The DH track just blew me away again, so frigging fast.. felt like hanging onto a MX bike. Kind of blew a top gasket at the last Irish and was lacking a couple of horses down Iron monkey. Was so stoked to be back up at the top without dying to Armageddon. I was also in the bunch when we stood watching the dudes go OTB in the rocks @MORNE Is it just me or was there a new line through there before that big rock roll? Anyway I couldn't remember ever riding that thing before. But perhaps it's just because there is never usually a line, and I haven't been on Armageddon for a month or so. Did the last couple of climbs with Highschool riding buddy Heinrich. He's a photographer and just came along for the ride and shot photos here and there. Was good to catch up. @PhilipV 6th in the ballie class but hardly top 40. There's a lot of fast kids out there these days!
  14. I will look out for you, although I think youre a little fitter than I am. Falling like flies now...!πŸ˜†
  15. What time are you starting? I'm in 8am. Early start driving from Worcester! Ya the Taxing on the arms part is very much part of my thinking.. I'm going to the top then will pic the line with the shorter que, then go to the top again to get the two tough climbs out the way, then its rally time that DH is so kiff.. Red P might be a bit snotty, usually is, but then again, there's not much braking or turning so who gives πŸ˜†
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