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Legends - keeping me going


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Hi all


I'd been trying to figure out how to get slime in my new presta valved tubes for the passed few days, only to discover that the valves I have are not the screw-out-able ones. The urge to ride hit me and I decided to go out, armed only with lights, a bomb and an adapter. Adn then I got two punctures...


I'd like to thank a few people for keeping me on the road yesterday!!!


1) The guy on the R27 towards Cape Town, just before the Caltex garage who generously gave me two instant patches for the "dubbelkies" I rode through. Dude you saved me a very long and embarrassing walk into town.


2) The guys at action cycling on the corner of loop and something, D and P, you okes helped me getting the slime in those silly tubes and helped me complete this ride and many more to come!


You guys almost brought me to tears, it was a real blessing to see okes like that still out there.


Anonymous friend and Action Cycling, thank you and well done on being good okes!!!

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Instant patches are da bomb! But bombs? Nah! Exactly 'cos you can get two punctures easily enough.Use a pump and get arm exercise too.


But it's always lekker to hear of good samaritan cyclists.

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LUCKILY they were on the same wheel.


Instant patches are seriously the best thing since whatever was better before them.


Got a mini-pump and it does the job, but it was a reminder to ensure I'm kitted before going on a 3hrs plus ride.

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