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I'm looking at purchasing a bike from overseas, because even with the additional taxes and duties, etc, it is still considerably cheaper than purchasing here.. My problem is ensuring that the bike is genuine.. How do you check if the bike is the genuine product and not a rip-off with a brand name sticker on it?

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A Bike is a frame and the stuff that goes on the frame.

Before you buy a bike the supplier must give a spec of the frame and what is going on the frame (or spec it yourself). The components are easy to check.


But because of the 15% Duty on complete bikes, I would not bring a complete bike over , but buy the components seperately and bring it over in 2 or three parcels.

You can order all the bits that you speficy,and should recieve exactly what your order. That bit is easy to check, If you use a reliable supplier like CRC or Total Cycling you will also get the frame you specify.


AS a Rookie, and before you know what you want or need, get advice locally.

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