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Fox RP2 Shock DIY


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Hi All,


I have recently re-entered the world of cycling, although am still on a fairly tight budget, :-)


I purchased a Fox RP2 that originally was listed as a 160mm (To replace the Vanilla Coil on my Trek Vrx 400), however once purchased i found that in fact it was a 5'5" / 140mm shock and not the 6.5" version.


Now the specs on the Fox site list the 5.5" version that I have with 1" travel, compared to the 6.5" version having 1.5" travel.


I have been trying to move the shock to a new owner for some time but is seems as though the shorter version is not compatible with as many frames as the 6.5" version so it got me thinking, would it be feasible (I have a contact that can do the milling etc at a reasonable cost) to fabricate a 25.3mm spacer that in essence will extend the shock to the required 165mm length required for the frame. I understand that this would not do anything for the amount of travel, however I’m a fairly light rider and was wondering if it would work?


Your comments and advice (buy a new shock is not an option at the moment, :-)) would be appreciated.

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