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Tero is designed as an electric mountain bike first, with the added capability for touring, hauling, and commuting. Tero combines adaptable utility with Specialized’s World Champion mountain bike DNA and category-leading electric pedal assist.

Powered by Specialized’s fully integrated Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor and 710Wh battery, the Tero amplifies rider power to make short work of the steepest climbs and to carry gear, groceries, kids, and daydreams alike. The Tero’s ultra-strong chassis is built to hold up to 27 kg of extra cargo and is child-seat ready and approved. Additionally, Tero’s rear axle is trailer compatible and ready for heavy-duty hauling.

Tero’s new fully integrated and smart system is Specialized’s smoothest, quietest, most powerful, and most secure ride to date. Ready for the trail, Tero features a front suspension fork to smooth out rough terrain and is set up with Specialized Ground Control tires for traction across dirt, gravel, or pavement. Tero’s comfortable, upright position places the rider between the wheels for optimum control, resulting in balanced, confidence-inspiring handling.

We’ve designed a bike that provides full power assist for alpine escapes and off-road adventures, while also allowing riders to come home, quickly wipe the mud off, and be ready to commute into town for a grocery run or date night. Dominik Geyer, Head of Specialized Turbo Business


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Launching with Tero is Specialized’s all-new Turbo System Lock. Utilizing the Mission Control app, riders can disable their bike’s motor and activate a motion sensor alarm. Once locked, the motor cannot be enabled again except by the owner.

The overall functionality of Tero, along with all the latest Turbo e-Bikes from Specialized, will continue to improve over time thanks to over-the-air software updates, with additional safety and security features rolling out in the near future.

Designed in California and engineered in Switzerland, the new Tero is built from the ground up by Specialized with decades of expert engineering, world-class design, and new features over time through software.