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  1. The Imbuko was a fantastic route. What a privilege to be able to ride these amazing trails. All the pros in quoted here also said how great it was. Big Kudos to the organisers as well. The water point at Canetsfontein had a great vibe, and all the WPs were well stocked. And wow, how was the Cliff Hanger ?!? Wow! The downhill hairpin bends were hairy, but yoh the view!! I met up with another rider who had a fall on the way down - I hope there weren't too many falls. All around, it was a special experience. Last note: the litter! Come on guys. I was about 1/3rd from the front of the field, so there was more than half the riders behind me, and the number of discarded gels on the route was terrible. We have to do better
  2. Having done the Attakwas and the Imbuko Big5 both more than once each, I can attest that I feel more broken after this than even the Atta! πŸ”₯ Toughest 1 day mountain bike race that I've ever ridden - why do we do this to ourselves?
  3. Well there they are, seeding emails just got sent out. In D. I think I'll need to query that at registration - should be a bit higher. But I think there are a few different race timing services out there, not all sharing results.
  4. Link for more info and pics: https://outercycles.com/products/the-link-gx Geometry, for those interested:
  5. Lyne just released a new line of E-bikes, branded as Outer Cycles. Very exciting for this great brand based in Cape Town: I'm sure more details and a full write-up will be coming soon here. In the meantime, some pics and details: Alloy frames 160mm front and rear suspension travel 85N.m Shimano EP8 Motor (32Kph) 630Wh Shimano Battery Lyne Components dropper post, cockpit and rims The Link model comes in two build kits: GX groupset, Rockshox ZEB Fork, Rockshox Super Deluxe Shock, SRAM Code R brakes NX/GX groupset, Rockshox 35 Gold Fork, Rockshox Deluxe Shock, SRAM DB8 Brakes What do you guys think?
  6. Update: 40 degrees forecast now for Oudtshoorn:
  7. Oh boy, long-term forecast is looking HOT πŸ₯΅ Oudtshoorn on Windguru:
  8. Any update on the Coros integration with Vitality? Is this likely to happen this year? Especially with that lovely, well-priced Eliud Kipchoge edition Pace 3... @Christian van Zyl
  9. Wait, nevermind, I think it's been smoothed out a lot! Check here:
  10. Depends, how technically skilled are you? I would say 95% of this race is totally fine on a gravel bike. But there are some (few) sections which are closer to mountain biking, like the descent after the first big climb. It will be fine for riders with some experience of technical mountain biking behind them, if you want to use a gravel bike.
  11. Any discussion about this? So far, it's just the quiet before the storm... T - 10 days to go Some images to stoke the πŸ”₯
  12. Without a doubt yes. I've now got a 34 x 10/51, and I'm even considering downsizing to the 32t chainring that came with my bike. You will curse the 36t if you keep that on..
  13. I would second the advice above. It depends on if you have a nice modern hardtail, with fatter tires and slacker geometry (head tube angle). That will help a lot on the fast downhills, and let you relax. Without that, this race is more killer. I did it twice on a 10 year old, early-generation dual sus, and the old-school geometry and steeper angles made the descending even more tiring.
  14. "3 Stefan De Bod 2:12:15, 4 Jasper Stuyven 2:12:30" - whaaat?!
  15. Wow, this is cool coverage. Now I can see what happened to Matt Beers. Sucks for him; the guy in front of him went down, taking Matt with him. Can't wait to see more of Matt next year in the series (and all our local MTB + gravel races 😁) - what a champion! πŸ†
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