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  1. And no other riders came up to congratulate Anna Kiesenhoffer after the race. Nobody knew. She was standing there all by herself after the race. So weird to see it like this!
  2. In her post-race interview on BBC, Lizzie Deignan stated that she thought the best lady won today, Annemiek van Vleuten 😨 The peleton (and the Dutch) really didn't know that Kiesenhoffer won.
  3. Cuz the folks on here who're struggling to understand R200k - R250k for the top end bikes are not the same folks buying these from the shops.
  4. Beautiful area and pics. The bakkie advertorial is a bit strong for the BikeHub tho The Cederberg is still on my to-cycle list, but I've stayed and hiked there in the past. I'd like more close ups of the bike, pleez
  5. Ah no, not Porte. I found the rider Good quiz
  6. Hayley Preen, the new national champ? Great all-rounder, I think.
  7. I would say I ride in the XC / light trail categories, and I'm 74kg. I run a Maxxis Ikon EXO 2.2 rear, and Vittoria Barzo TNT 2.25 front. I love the Ikon on the back, especially at the appropriate lowish pressures. Barzo on the front is pretty good, relatively lightweight, but I think there's better out there. I think I'll go for 2.35 front and back when I buy my next tires.
  8. Gawd damnit, I forgot about the geo-blocking Wasn't that only for Worlds?
  9. Shout out to Dominic and Summit for a great experience! I purchased a chainring on Summit. Firstly, the price was equal lowest on the market, so that's great. The courier delivery fee was very reasonable, R50 less than cycle lab. Got all the necessary email comms, tracking etc. And it arrived less than 24 hours after purchasing. What a great experience.
  10. This is incredible. I can't even fathom how far that is. You make the Cape peninsula (108km loop) look like a short warmup ride next to your loop above. What is that, like 400+ km ??
  11. No mention of the new Aelus Pro 51 wheelset? Which cost half as much as the top end RSL wheels here.
  12. What are you talking about?? What's wrong with this?:
  13. Fantastic pictures. Makes me really want to do this!
  14. I can't answer to the 12 speed Sunrace cassettes. But I do have an 11spd 11-46 sunrace (black sprockets & red spider) on my anthem and it works excellently. No problem with shifts at all. It far beat out the old Shimano 11-42 that came with my bike, in terms of shift gaps and gear range.
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